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[ Read Online A Bone to Pick í southern-war-for-independance PDF ] by Charlaine Harris ô To describe this in one sentence, I would say Aurora Teagarden s everyday life with some mysteries thrown in the mix, she doesn t even look for them, they re just there, right in front of her eyes Other three things to say about this book, second in the series, from me to you, fellow readers, are First of all, I like the title That s actually the thing that made me want to start reading this one quickly, without taking a break after first book in the series A Bone to Pick instantly catches your attention, doesn t it Well at least, it did catch mine Also, title was certainly better than Real Murders Though quality, quantity, plot, mystery and so on, was pretty much on the same level.
Secondly, when you look for it, you can find some catchy quotes here and there, for example, one I was disappointed in this one A murder mystery where the heroine never tries to investigate anything I listened to the audiobook version, and I swear nothing happened on discs 2 4 Disc 1 was exciting as she found a skull in a house, and then the rest of the skeleton was unearthed Then nothing happened She thought a lot about her new inheritance and decided to quit her job, she started dating someone new and spent a lot of time picking out outfits for their 2 dates, she shopped for a bridesmaid dress for her best friend s wedding, her mom and new stepdad came back from their honeymoon, and a lot of time was spent clearing things out of her new house and her decisions on what to do with them Nice nightgown She ll keep it All other clothes Let s donate them to the SA Extra pots and pans in the kitchen Donate them to a local church Now it s time to go through boxes containing 7 years wort Going To Two Weddings One Of A Former Lover And A Funeral For A Member Of Her Disbanded Crime Study Club Keeps Aurora Roe Teagarden Quite Busy For A Few Months Unfortunately, Her Personal Life Seems To Be At A Standstill Until Her Fortunes Unexpectedly Change After The Funeral, Roe Learns That Jane Engle, The Deceased, Has Named Her As Heir To A Rather Substantial Estate, Which Includes Money, Jewelry, And A House Complete With A Skull Hidden In A Window Seat Knowing Jane, Roe Concludes That The Elderly Woman Has Purposely Left Her A Murder To Solve So She Must Identify The Victim And Figure Out Which One Of Jane S Ordinary Seeming Neighbors Is A Murderer Without Putting Herself In Deadly Danger I love intelligent, natural narration and dialogue, without excess description If we follow how protagonists feel and only what they are doing generally I am sold Topics don t matter A Bone to Pick , 1992, didn t even need a mystery Familiar with Aurora Teagarden from a movie and the first novel, it is enjoyable to follow the acquisition of her house An elderly mystery buff bequeathed it to her.
Aurora s Mother onscreen protests her sleuthing and makes nay saying noise The original Mrs Teagarden is a cool cucumber What draws me to Charlaine Harris s blessedly non vampire series is that Aurora is thirty, so this is adult fare A single lady now has the money to set out in pursuit of her true passions It is lovely to watch people do that Largely because the mystery motives and handling were weak it was incidental to this journey We have ple I actually enjoyed this book a lot The writing was great and is an easy read to fly through in a few hours Definitely recommend.
A fun read With most of the the main characters already introduced, I enjoyed this onethan the first book in the series There were several pages to catch us up on Roe s life since the end of the first book and then it was right on to the mystery.
Charlaine Harris has a great way of exploring small towns that have something a little bit of odd about them This series is c.
25 years old so although there are some interestingly old fashioned ideas I guess the time period the small town , it is great fun and Aurora is an easy character to like.
Not my favourite Harris series, but very enjoyable.
I really like this series These early books were written in the early 90 s, but it s not obvious except when talking about the phone I like Roe, the main characters She s well written and reminds me a bit of Stephanie Plum It s unlikely so many murders would occur in a small town all involving Roe, but one must suspend belief for these little cozy mysteries to work Can t wait to read the next one.

The second in the Teagarden series I liked this as much as the first one Laugh out loud moments Very fast paced I didn t have a clue who did the deed Many things changed since the first book Especially in Roe s love life I was disappointed a little by that Then Roe finds out she was included in a friend s will She s ecstatic until she makes a gruesome discovery.
Many quirky characters, some implausible conversations and events, but I don t think cozy mysteries should be analyzed too closely Overall a A After reading A Bone to Pick, I am sure that I just do not like Aurora as a character and this series as a whole Aurora is self centered and annoying The actual story is a bit boring and doesn t make me want to continue the series at all, it just came off as a bland story that seems to be written for little old women who could possibly be offended by the real world and people of color This series feels like it is written for a very conservative homogeneous audience The two mentions of black people in the community inched toward being offensive Since I really enjoyed the Sookie Stackhouse books, and even pretty much enjoyed the Midnight, Texas books I am very disappointed that Harris wrote books that made me feel this way Thank goodness I found the entire series at the extremely discounted cost of ten cents each I can donate them to Goodwill a

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