[ Pdf A Brief History of the Cold War Ó low-fantasy PDF ] by John Hughes-Wilson ☆ ar1web.co

[ Pdf A Brief History of the Cold War Ó low-fantasy PDF ] by John Hughes-Wilson ☆ Loved it!

There are so many books which focus on one particular event or theme within the Cold War, but few which span the entire era.
It took me quite a while to find, but this book was exactly what I was looking for.
The author outlines and summarises the many elements of the Cold War very articulately, considering how complex and multifaceted it was.

It was perfect in filling in so many missing pieces of my very superficial and general modern history knowledge! This book also offers a very interesting reflection of the social and political state we are in at the moment; there are many parallels! An interesting and dispassionate history of the cold war without bias.
Having grown up during the latter part, the most interesting bit is looking at things without the blinkers that were on when it actually happened.
A readable history, which pulls together many facts and viewpoints into a (mostlysee below) wellwritten narrative.

In the earlier chapters, HughesWilson explains how aspects of the Cold War are rooted in Russian psyche and in the revolution.

Somewhat rare for British writers, he acknowledges the strengths of the U.
and is candid about the actions of his own government.
Full marks for being unbiased.

There are a number of points the book comes up short.
Boldly declaring that the Mafia killed JFK (chapter 16) is one of them.
This statement is based on a book titled Ultimate Sacrifice.

I have not read Ultimate Sacrifice.
It was published shortly before this book was published.
On the "who killed JFK" question, I have neither drank the establishment KoolAid nor am I a tinfoil hat conspiracy theor A comprehensive overview of many aspects of the Cold War period, stretching from its World War I beginnings to the demise of the USSR.
It concentrates on the relationship between the USA and the USSR, being the main players, dipping in and out of other world events influenced by their mutual distrust and antagonism.
Some interesting comments about the thinking behind actions taken by several world leaders, including Reagan and Kruschev, made me rethink my own attitudes towards them.
It had a lot of ground to cover, and unless you need information on particular events makes for a good history of this fascinating period.
A fine history, except for when he states quite matter of factly that the mafia killed JFK, then moves right along, as if he thinks we won't notice.
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