Trailer ↠´ Denier du Rêve PDF by Ú Marguerite Yourcenar

Trailer ↠´ Denier du Rêve PDF by Ú Marguerite Yourcenar It tastes like watching Fellini.
Code Inconnu a prequelYou might have seen Code Inconnu or Code Unknown , a French film made in 2000 by Michael Haneke In that film, people from startlingly different backgrounds and walks of life intersect for a brief moment in Paris Their lives entangle for that instant, then they soar off into unknown regions again The only thing that ties them and the film together is that one tiny moment Yourcenar, sixty six years previously, created a novel with a very similar approach to life We are all interconnected, but mostly we don t know it We live as if in a dream Who are all the people you pass every day, the guy across the subway train aisle from you, the lady behind the counter in a convenience store What about the kid in a sweaty undershirt in During The Space Of A Day In Rome In , A Ten Lira Coin Passes Through The Hands Of Nine People Including An Aging Artist, A Prostitute, And A Would Be Assassin Of Mussolini The Coin Becomes The Symbol Of Contact Between Human Beings, Each Lost In Private Passions And Nearly Impenetrable Solitude A Coin In Nine Hands Has Passages That Move Close To Poetry And A Story That Belongs In Both Literature And History Doris Grumbach, Los Angeles Times Book Review What Lingers At The End Of A Coin In Nine Hands Is The Shadowiness And Puppetlike Vagueness Of The Dictator, And The Compelling Specificity Of The So Called Common People Revolving All Around Him Anne Tyler, The New Republic Within A Few Pages We Have Met Half The Major Characters In This Haunting, Brilliantly Constructed Novel The Studied Perfection, The Structural Intricacy And Brevity Remind One Of Camus Yet By Comparison, Yourcenar S Prose Is Lavish, Emotional And Imagistic Cynthia King, Houston Post Transcends Its Specific Time And Place To Become A Portrait Of Vividly Delineated Characters Caught In The Vise Of A Tragically Familiar Political Situation Publisher S WeeklyBest Known As The Author Of Memoirs Of Hadrian And The Abyss, Marguerite Yourcenar Achieved Countless Literary Honors And Was The First Woman Ever Elected To The Acad Mie Fran Aise I liked the central motif of the ten lire note passing hands between characters who come into contact with one another This is neither a collection of short stories too many tie ins with preceding episodes for that nor a well structured novel in the classical sense.
The central episode that gets most attention is that to do with the assassination of the dictator and yet all of the stories are about life under Fascism in one way or another.
The opening words of A Coin in Nine Hands are feeling tired Exhaustion, frustration, disillusionment, hopelessness, failure a kind of unstoppable historical slide into chaos is the current pulling the lives of the characters through the narratives.
Future prospects, happiness and human feeling are stripped away under Fascism and Yourcenar Patience, and four years later the book comes to me by accident, playing itself out There is a remarkable concept here the idea of a small token being both the driving element and main character of the work, passively travelling through the mundane, heroic choices of those who retrieve bear abandon it creating the history not story that is told As always, Yourcenar imagines worlds within a real world, brings together the necessary narrative to frame each little episode, is generous in giving each player the tragedy they deserve Yet singularly and possibly for the first time reading her , the execution of a promising concept fails to fully deliver Despite the superior motivation in writing this piece one that must have lived long in her to the point of re writing it Denier du r ve does not feel like Yourcenar at her best, the beauty of her writing dissolving into trivial m Pas si r ussi, ce roman ci Le proc d d enchainer les personnages par une pi ce de 10 lire qui va de main en main, me semble tr s orginel, mais ne donne pas plus d ampleur l histoire Le th me, la vie sous Mussolini dans l italie des ann es trentes, est naturellement tr s int ressant, mais Yourcenar le racconte plut t d une mani re monotone Et alors, la marque d auteur de Yourcenar, les remarques de sagesses, commence nerver Dommage.
I did not like the writing or maybe the translation and it really didn t make me think or feel anything I m not sure what the whole point was But hey, you might like it

Yourcenar escribe la literatura que he buscado toda mi vida Dice cosas que yo nunca podr decir Si me preguntan por mis escritores favoritos, ambas se llaman Marguerite y son francesas.
This is a spare but elegant little novel The device of the same coin moving from person to person provides a little window on each character, some wealthy, some poor,but linked together in a sort of six degrees of separation way, in 1933 in Rome The focus of the book is an attempted assassination of Mussolini, and each character s reactions, or lack of reaction.
No pude terminar, porque realmente no me motiv Se supone que trata de un atentado que nunca vi muy claramenteno s si darle una nueva oportunidad, ah estar esperando, porque tengo que cumplir con otros libros por ahora.

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