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[Courtney Cantrell] à A Consortium of Worlds #2 [shounen-ai PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö A Consortium Of Worlds Is Your Window Into Consortium books S Outstanding Stable Of Speculative Fiction Authors A Consortium Of Worlds Is A Showcase Of New And Innovative Voices In All Types Of Fiction From A Publisher Dedicated To Allowing Every Writer His Or Her Own Voice There Are No Slaves To Trends Or What S Hot Lists Here, Only Writers Imagining Newer And Brighter Vistas Of Unseen Tomorrows, Untold Yesterdays, Unknown Todays, And Untouched Worlds Of Pure ImaginationJoshua Unruh Knows That Villainy Wins All Too Often In The Real World, But What Might Happen If Supervillainy Won Courtney Cantrell Smashes Fiction And Reality Together To See What Pretty Pictures She Can Make With The Pieces Thomas Beard Tells A Tale That Could Be A Fable Of Humanity Or A True Story From History Becca Campbell Looks To A Future Where Normal Is The New Freak Aaron Pogue Takes Us Into A Landscape Destroyed By The Blast Fires Of Dragons Rather Than A Nuclear Furnace, Yet No Less Post Apocalyptic For The DifferenceAlso In This Issue, We Bring You Intelligent And Erudite Essays Guaranteed To Challenge You And Make You Think Katy Clift Asks If Twi Hards And Potterheads Can T Focus On Their Similarities Instead Of Their Differences Allison Scott Takes A Hard Look At The First Impressions Of The E Book ShopperThis Issue Is VolumeOf The Quarterly Magazine Approximately , Words Edited By Courtney Cantrell And Joshua Unruh

This collection has a slightly darker feel than 1, and it s richer for it I particularly enjoyed Joshua Unruh s experiment at mimicking a Rolling Stone interview format to tell a superhero story.

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