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[ Pdf A Contract Seduction ½ moscow PDF ] by Janice Maynard ½ A Contract Seduction is a great book that finds itself perfectly placed as part of the series Southern Secrets series Once I started reading the story of Jonathan Tarleton and Lisette Stanhope, I could not put it down Janice Maynard makes it so easy to loose oneself between the pages of this book, from starting the story to finding out how it all eventually works out.
Lisette is having her own issues, but when she learns that Jonathan only has six months to live, she does not take long to decide that no matter what it may cost her she ll help him However, she may have her own request in return.
Will Jonathan give Lisette to make things work Will these two get through the six months together, or will they completely fall apart How far will Jonathan go to make sure his family company lives on after he is gone What will this cost Lisette When I started reading Janice Maynard s latest book, A Contract Seduction the Tim McCraw song Live Like You Were Dying kept running through my mind It was difficult for me to see how a HEA would be coming, which is a requirement of romance stories However, I knew if anyone could pull it off, Janice Maynard would A marriage of convenience story involving a CEO and his professional assistant I did not find it at all odd that Lisette is the one that Jonathan turned too with shocking news along with a plan to insure the company These two dedicated people made a great team so it seemed natural for them to belong together When all seems to be settled a bombshell is dropped I must say it was much involved than I had imagined as I read up to that point The words Right off the bat, I was wondering how she was going to pull off a HEA with the Alpha only having 6 months to live I should have known that Janice could pull it off however We first met Jonathan in the first Southern Secrets book Blame in on Christmas and I have been looking forward to reading his story Jonathan is the head of the family empire taking over after his father s illness forced him out of the company Being estranged from his twin brother Hartley has put all the responsibility of family and the business on his shoulders When he starts to have massive headaches he seeks medical treatment to be told he has cancer and has 6 months to live Needing to keep the vultures at bay from his company he needs help and who better to turn to then his assistant Lisette that has been with A Contract Seduction is book two of Janice Maynard s Southern Secrets series and is the story of Jonathan Tarleton and Lisette Stanhope.
In book one Blame it on Christmas , we heard about Jonathan s headaches and, in this book, we learn the reason behind them.
Jonathan needs Lisette to protect his family s company, Tarleton Shipping, after he is gone Lisette, who s been his assistant for years, is also in love with him She puts her own plans on hold to cater to Jonathan, something she did when she cared for her mother.
Their marriage of convenience is supposed to be about business until their hearts become entangled and Lisette wants than they agreed to.
A hero on his death bed is definitely intriguing with wondering how the story will play out it is a romance with the expected HEA after all , but for some reason I was disappointed with the final expl Emotion tugging goodness With the next book in her Southern Secrets series, Janice Maynard takes us back into the heart of Charleston s elite when the Tarleton heir receives a shocking diagnosis I was hooked from page one, and devoured it until the end Great characters, heart wrenching emotions and a really interesting story line Looking forward to the next Tarleton s story Businessman Jonathan Tarleton never expected to hear the news that he has literally a few months to live He s thrust into the mindset of disbelief along with concern for the future of his family business His father is ailing, his brother has disgraced the family and his sister is basking in bliss so who is going to run the company when he s gone Lisette Stanhope has been his assistant for a few years now and been with the company for even longer, so she knows the day

I was than happy to read this in exchange for my honest review With that said , I was quite excited to read Johnathans story to find out about his headaches in the first book in series This was a quick fast paced read for me because it begins with his shocking terminal diagnosis Naturally I m curious to learn how this will actually still end with our HEA WE expect I have to share that I really really did enjoy this book because of the medical issue The marriage to Lisette will Apparently make things look better once Johnathans Fate is sealed With all things considered that would naturally occur with a rushed marriage romance of a wealthy man ALONG with today s HIPA laws privacy I think Janice did an amazing job of squeezing all the particulars into this book with 200 pages only I felt overwhelming sadness and compassion for all parties involved throughout the story I simply loved t A Contract Seduction is the second book in Janice Maynard s Southern Secrets series What a way to open a story This book got me from the opening line, and I couldn t put it down until I completed it Jonathan Tarleton is given a devastating diagnosis and his first thoughts is how to save his family legacy He reached out to his assistant Lisette who after much consideration agrees to a contract marriage.
I enjoyed watching Jonathan come to grips not only with his diagnosis but also his feelings for Lisette After a health scare while on their honeymoon, they return home and discover all is not what he believed Will Jonathan survive his health scare Will Lisette confess and share a secret she s kept from Jonath Wow, I m flabbergasted What a great book this was I began reading this morning and I couldn t put it down until I finished it I loved the characters, their development in the characters of Jonathan and Lizzy, their journey from fake marriage in the doom of death towards a Happily ever after I had my hopes up that Jonathan could be saved, but I had no clue how Ms Maynard would do it I have one tiny subjection and that was that their HEA came about a bit suddenly, I would have loved an epilogue in this book, but maybe that s the next book in this series.
This is the short synopsis of the book For the sake of a family legacy, he must strike a marriage bargain With six months to live, Charleston heir Jonathan Tarleton must secure his 4.
5 stars A Contract Seduction is book 2 in the Southern Secrets series and I really enjoyed reading it.
In book 1 in the series, Blame It On Christmas, we got some hints about Jonathan Tarleton and his headaches and at the beginning of A Contract Seduction we discover the cause for his headaches and it s not good news.
Jonathan finds out he only has about 6 months to live and in order to save his family business he decide that he should marry his beautiful, dedicated assistant, Lisette Stanhope.
In his mind she could help him run the company and it will be easier for people to trust her decisions if they are married.
The big problem is that both Lisette and Jonathan has true feelings for one another and it seems like their marriage will be than just a contract marriage.
Lisette is about to quit her job and try to move on with her life USA TODAY Bestselling Author You Re Mine For As Long As We Have For The Sake Of A Family Legacy, He Must Strike A Marriage Bargain With Six Months To Live, Charleston Heir Jonathan Tarleton Must Secure His Family S Business With A Contract Marriage He Convinces His Beautiful, Dedicated Assistant, Lisette Stanhope, To Be His Bride, Telling Himself The Proposal Has Nothing To Do With His Raw Need To Make Lisette His Then Their Commitment Is Put To The Ultimate Test

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