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Î Read Ö A Gift for God: Prayers and Meditations by Mother Teresa Ö Wonderful for quick meditations.
My first book written by Mother Teresa She explains well how we love serve Christ by ministering to the poor I love her simple teaching I was struck at her definition of the poorest are the poor in spirit those who are friendless, who areoften those with material possessions.
In Honor Of Mother Teresa S Beatification In October The Letters, Meditations, Lectures, And Private Prayers Collected Here Reveal Mother Teresa S Wisdom, Compassion, And Abiding Faith In God, And Offer A Glimpse Into The Heart Of The Gentle Sister Of Calcutta By Sharing A Taste Of Christ S Own Love With Those She Served And With Us, She Has Offered Inspiration And Hope For All i have to be honest i didn t read it all the way through this would be a great book for reading a paragraph a day to help you focus or pray or meditate it s mostly just a collection of quotes from mother theresa on different topics each quote is beautiful and challenging but the book as a whole is choppy.
A small, beautiful look into the practical and loving heart of Mother Teresa She spoke simply but with great conviction about the importance of loving and caring for one another.
This is a great old book of quotes from Mother Teresa There are many thought provoking quotes and they are challening in my own life It is a very simple, but very good read.
Brief prayers and thoughts by Mother Teresa.

Simple, brief, and good.
This book is a series of short quotes a sentence or paragraph in length , in large print, uttered by Mother Teresa and pertaining to Suffering , Riches , Joy , Love Begins at Home and several other similar themes.
Most of the quotes are understandably from the perspective of the Christian faith, yet there are still numerous others that areuniversal and pertinent for people from any faith For example, Be kind and merciful Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier Or We know that if we really want to love we must learn how to forgive I think that the majority of people recognize the work Mother Teresa was involved in and the fact that she made life better for many people, and her words can also be healing and powerful for anyone reading this book if they take the time to listen with their heart.
The book itself, because of the limited amount of con A collection of brief essays on different topics by Mother Teresa The part of the book that connected with me were moments when she talked about the reason why people do Social work Her message was that we have to be clear with ourselves that the reason for serving the poor is for the individuals, not for a specific cause The driving force behind compassion is our shared humanity divinity It shows that we are not doing it for something, but for Somebody.
She also talks about not only giving our time and care to the people we are with, but our heart as well In this way, service is spreading of love above all else Another recurring theme is how she talks about knowledge leading love leading to service For knowledge can only lead to love, and love to service And so, if they are not touched by the poor, i

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