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Download Epub Format ñ A Hero in the Making PDF by ↠´ Laurie Kingery Really enjoying this series.
Ella is trying to make her own way She operates a caf in the back room of the local saloon One evening a stranger saved her from an unruly man Soon after her caf and the saloon are trashed and the stranger stays to help repair the damage when it s figured out it was his boss who did the damage As much as Ella wants to trust Nate her past keeps her from embracing a future with him.
What I liked Nate and Ella were very likeable and the towns people made this book interesting I have not read the books preceding this one but the author did a good job of telling enough of the previous characters that I did not feel like I need to go read any of the other books Both Nate and Ella had issues from their past they needed to work through which gave the book depth.
What I did not like This book felt short Time seemed to jump around and I felt like there could have been to the Man On A Mission Nate Bohannan Won T Let Anything Stand In The Way Of His Grand Plans In California Even If It Means Traveling There With Unreliable Huckster Robert Salali But After A Destructive Bender In Simpson Creek, Texas, The Unscrupulous Salali Runs Out, Leaving Nate To Carry The Blame And The Debt He Can Fix Broken Furniture But Can Anything Fix The Despair In Caf Owner Ella Justiss S Eyes When Her Caf Was Destroyed, Ella Felt Sure She D Lost Her Dreams Along With It Yet Somehow Nate S Cheerful Care And Optimism Fill Her With Hope Again Painful Secrets From Her Childhood Make Ella Wary Of Men When Danger Threatens, Will Nate Be The Hero Ella Can Finally Trust And Love Brides Of Simpson Creek Small Town Texas Spinsters Find Love With Mail Order Grooms I have NO idea why I accepted a review copy of a book written by an evangelical Christian, but I ll try to keep an open mind This addition to the Brides of Simpson Creek series is a wonderful look at how the love of God and the caring of others can redeem a soul The hero and heroine are well matched and their developing romance is a joy to observe RT Book Reviews 4 1 2 stars Miniseries Brides of Simpson Creek I love historical westerns and this one has a number of unique twists that make it stand out I love that Nate really is A Hero in the Making He has a noble heart but that doesn t always translate into noble actions He has a somewhat dubious job when we first meet him He knows it, but justifies away his misgivings until it s nearly too late His journey toward becoming a true hero makes for a satisfying read Mind you he s never perfect and makes plenty of mistakes but his brash, cheerful personality win over most of the townspeople.
Except Ella At first Ella s distrust runs deep and lasts longer than it should By slow degrees, the author reveals just why that is A painful past haunts Ella Nate can see that and his tenderness and care even when Ella is at her prickliest makes him a true hero in my books.
Plenty of plot twists and enough emotional angst makes A I love this town, so I am always happy to go back for a visit I really enjoyed this story It flowed just beautifully, loved the pace and the character development It was a great one to tide me over until the next time I can come back to Simpson Creek

Very good, I enjoyed reading it Will try to get my hands on other books from this series looking forward to reading books by this author.
A Hero in the Making by Laurie Kingery Brides of Simpson Creek 7 4 STARSThis seems to be a good series I have only read the last two books, but I would love to go back and read the first 5 of them This was a nice story Some things you could see what was going to happen but others had no idea of.
Nate did not have much left but skills his father taught him He did not have to make right the wrongs is boss Robert Salali did He was talented and wanted to help others Ella Justiss was a good cook, but she had a hard time trusting men and others The you learn about Ella you want to help her She had some tough things in her life Makes you glad that I had loving parents.
The setting for this book is Simpson Creek, Texas 1869Ella Justiss has a caf in the back of salo This book is set in Texas during the time of the Old West Ella has a history that she wants to keep in the past Her life has been altered by emotional and physical abuse by her caregivers as a child It is hard for her to open her heart and mind to others She doesn t feel worthy of love and friendship.
Nate came into the small town as a sidekick to a man selling a miracle elixir, sure to fix all ills He does it to earn money and passage San Francisco His plans are interrupted when the business goes bad and he is left to atone for the sins of his employer.
I enjoyed this story of two people who have had problems growing up They both need someone to stabilize them and help them through problems This book dealt with the issues of redemption and forgiveness It also content of dealing with the past and moving forw

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