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¸ Read ↠´ A Long, Hard Ride by Alison Kent ☆ Trey Whip Davis returns to his hometown only once a year, when his dragster team visits Dahlia, Tennessee for the Farron Fuels race This year, though, he s staying a little longer, prepping his house for saleAnd finally getting a green light to get close to his high school crush, Cardin Worth.
Trey s father and Cardin s grandfather had come to blows a year ago, resulting in a severe accident for Cardin s father who just happened to be around, and a rift between her parents Sick and tired of her parents separation, Cardin devises a cunning plan to get them back together give them a common goal And that goal is to break up her fake engagement with Trey, his Romeo to her Juliet Of course, if he ll agree to her plan.
This was a cute, sweet, hot, quickie read, perfect to spend two hours of a gloomy afternoon indoors With Trey trifft wieder auf seine Jugendliebe Cardin Die Anziehungskraft zwischen ihnen ist gro Cardin hat einen Plan um ihre Eltern wieder zusammen zu bringen Doch sie braucht die Hilfe von Trey Der ist erst etwas berrascht, doch der Sex hat es in sich Also l sst er sich auf das Spiel ein.
Die Geschichte hatte genau die richtige Mischung Eine sch ne Geschichte mit vielen Gef hlen und hei em Sex Obwohl es die Geschichte mehr untermalt als dominiert Trey ist ein Kerl den ich auch nicht von der Bettkante sto en w rde Cardin ist eine Frau die gleich sympathisch und man kann mit ihr f hlen Die Vorgeschichte von den beiden aus der Schule ist sehr interessant Ich habe die Geschichte verschlungen, obwohl das Ende absehbar war Ein paar St This book was, sadly enough, pretty much unreadable I ended up skipping the majority of the book just to read the last two chapters to have some kind of closure, but even that was hard to get through.
This an ok book Not good but not total crap either One of those long drawn out secret books.
Basically, they ve liked each other since high school even when she walks in on him as he s getting a BJ from some chick They stare each other picturing each other, the girl finishes and walks off, and then he kisses Cardin Then nothing He leaves town Uhh What Fast forward a couple of years, his dad dies and he s back in town for a race and to the close house A couple of months before his dad died, he has an altercation with Cardin s grandfather and punches the man Cardin s father intervenes and gets hurt in the process falling Her grandfather and father are not talking because the grandfather won t tell her father what the argument is about On top of that, Cardin s dad is having emotional issues with the injury, which drives a wedge betwee This book was pretty good and best for passing the time I liked the scheme becomes real during thing, that was a new twist to what usually happens I liked the humor and dedication shown in this book I also liked how there was the communication angle I really agree with that and am always trying to be better at that it s kinda hard sometimes Anyhow, I would read this book again but not search it out.
Seven years ago Cardin had one confusing night first witnessing her crush Trey Davis in a compromising position, only to find herself on the receiving end later Trey has only let one woman unnerve him and that was Cardin, walking away to pursue his dreams was easier than wanting a woman whose family has been feuding with his own for years.
When Cardin proposes a way to end the long running feud, Trey is than willing to participate especially when he finds that his desire for her is returned.
I thought this book had a lot of promise, but it just fell flat for me There just was not a relatable connection between the characters and I got really confused by all the characters involved.
Cardin Worth Is Ready To Tune Up Her Engine With Trey, Her Former Crush However, He S A Davis One Of Her Car Racing Family S Bitter Rivals But She Might Be Able To Create Peace, And Also Get Some Sizzling Sex On The Sideif Trey Pretends To Be Her Fiance, That Is Having A Little Fun On Those Steamy Southern Nights Seems Like A Great Idea Just To Patch Up The Feud, Of Course Then Trey Ll Be Leaving Town Again This Time For GoodBut Cardin S Not Sure She Can Relinquish The Superheated Sex Because Trey S The Most Talented, Uh, Mechanic To Ever Look Under Her Hood I liked this steamy book enough to finish but the plot setup was a bit confusing at first especially about a particular blow job incident The main secret of the story dragged on so long I almost didn t care Set in a car racing town, Cardin asks mechanic Trey to be her fake fiance hoping to heal the breach amongst their families.
What a goodread Not perfect but good I really liked that there was no other woman man or cheating of any kind I did have a hard time with her watching someone else give him a BJ when they were teens I understand voyeurism, butmy heart kinda broke for them both.
read as part of March 2009 One Click Blaze collection.

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