Ü A Princess Remembers: The Memoirs of the Maharani of Jaipur æ Download by ✓ Gayatri Devi

Ü A Princess Remembers: The Memoirs of the Maharani of Jaipur æ Download by ✓ Gayatri Devi She Is The Daughter Of The Maharaja Of Cooch Behar And The Widow Of The Maharaja Of Jaipur She Was Raised In A Sumptuous Palace Staffed With Servants And She Shot Her First Panther When She Was Twelve She Has Appeared On The Lists Of The World S Most Beautiful Women Gayatri Devi Describes Her Carefree Tomboy Childhood Her Secret Six Year Courtship With The Dashing, Internationally Renowned Polo Player, Jai The Maharaja Of Jaipur And Her Marriage And Entrance Into The City Palace Of The Pink City Where She Had To Adjust To Unfamiliar Customs And Life With His Two Wives Jai S Liberating Influence, Combined With Gayatri Devi S Own Strong Character, Took Her Well Beyond The Traditionally Limited Activities Of A Maharani This Is An Intimate Look At The Extraordinary Life Of One Of The World S Most Fascinating Women And An Informal History Of The Princely States Of India, From The Height Of The Princes Power To Their Present State Of De Recognition My elderly aunt picked up a little hardback copy of this book simple black cover with golden print for the title in a bookshop when she was wandering in India twentysome years ago This year she gifted it to me on my birthday with the advice that India is complex and fascinating and I would do well to learn about the country and visit it someday if possible.
I didn t know exactly where Jaipur was on the subcontinent but I understood who a maharani would be, and when I flipped through the musty old pages I found intriguing illustrations of tiger hunts, elephant processions, and gargantuan palaces I quickly gathered that this would be a memoir of someone very very rich, and from her pictures I could see she was a dazzli I visited the Pink City of Jaipur as I traveled through the state of Rajasthan in India The Pink Palace was alive in all its glory as I read this princess memoirs The people and rulers I had heard about from our guide in Jaipur were introduced by Gayatri as if they were alive and well, for she was the third wife of the adopted Raja, the last raja before the merger of Indian states fell under the new democratic country of India Gayatri Devi tells about the enchanted lifestyle of a princess in her own right of generations of princesses, before she married the love of her entire life, Jai, the raja of Jaipur Dayatri s early life, and life as a Raja s wife took her all over in majestic style, to say the least, through India, to England, to Spain and to Thailand Jai was a polo star in India and in England, and Jai and Once, a long, long, time ago, there lived a pretty young woman She married a prince and thus, became a princess.
It was in a small and pink city of only three million people.
The walled hamlet was located in India.
She soon was known, throughout the world, as the most beautiful woman alive.
And she also worked in the government before she retired to the UK.
And she lived happily thereafter.
The end a true and touching memoir This is a slow read I generally have a fascination of palaces and grandeur described with minute detailing This is what Maharani does I traveled Cooch Behar, Jaipur and Europe with the book It remains dreamy in three fourth of the book, which I absolutely dig for and takes a political turn in the last part with the Maharani getting involved in post Independence politics.
An absolutely dreamy read and all I could say after putting it down is wish I was a Princess My first book about a Maharani from India and certainly not the last I had been trying to concrete my thoughts since the moment I read this book and have been failing to find the right words Taking time out of your everyday fiction reading and exploring the world of Indian Princesses and Queens is a delightful feeling.
Coming from a highly educated and liberal background, the daughter of Cooch Behar, granddaughter of Baroda and the widow of Maharaja of Jaipur, Maharani Gayatri Devi s book keeps you exhilarated.
The first half of this book is about how Indian royalty looked like The scenes are described so well that for a moment, you are transported to the palaces, richness, summer vacations at hill stations, hundreds of people at your service, studying abroad, meeting and being friends with princes and pricessess, playing It s a wonderful book Almost like a crumbling fairy tale A simple, honest recount of a fading life And of the princely provinces What I liked the most was that it gives a fairly good description of the glory of royal India the days when most of India was under British Raj and simultaneously that of the Indian kings and princes It was a glorious time in the history of India There was no democracy and yet absolute peace, prosperity and a rapport of trust and love between the ruler and the ruled I wished to be in that era as I read on Besides the descriptions of the magnificence of royalties their architecture, wealth all are evident of the richness the country once had Those rulers then were way sophisticated, mannerly and civilized compared to the crass and brash politicians of today After all, they WERE royal blood Interesting What a remarkable lady I remember watching her interviews as a child and being in awe of her even though she was of a considerable age by then grace, poise, sophisticated, enigmatic, charming, knowledgeable I doubt words would do her justice and all that I got from watching her on screen, so I had to read her book and although she came from a privileged family, she seems so ordinary and humble never lost the zest for life, despite having gone through tumultuous times as an aristocrat or in her personal life wish we had of such books on indian influential women of the eras bygone I recommend this book for the first half which is a rich not a pun, but a truth description of the life of Indian royalty in the first half of the century This is a rare peak at a bygone world that was not so long ago The book is light on World War II and after that Gayatri Devi s description of her life, particularly in politics, has little depth.
Although her grandfather ruled a small kingdom near what is now Bangladesh, her mother s active social life brought Gayatri into the orbit of Jai the Maharaja of Jaipur a very large kingdom quite a distance away The description of the courtship and the fabulous life that surrounds it makes the book After the wedding The clothes The guests The gifts Polo Traveling from palace to palace she is installed in a zenana women s quarters in partial purdah female sequester , with Beautifully written Exactly how a princess lived her life and the opportunities and excess that it allows Also the description of the indian landscape from pre to post independence is good and heart breaking The views are from a privileged stand point and she accepts that her views are biased But a true indian princess story thoroughly enjoyed it.

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