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[ Pdf A Slender Thread: Escaping Disaster in the Himalaya ✓ graphica PDF ] by Stephen Venables ↠´ Together With Chris Bonington And Other Distinguished British Climbers, Stephen Venables Was High On The Unclimbed And Sacred Mountain Of Panch Chuli When, At Am On A Dark Himalayan Night, His Abseil Failed And He Fell Catastrophically, Somersaulting From Rock To Rock And Landing, Seriously Wounded, At The End Of A Rope Suspended Above A Degree Icefield This Is The Story Of His Arduous And Almost Miraculous Survival, And Of The Brilliant, Committed Teamwork Which Brought Him To Safety I went ahead and read the book in one sitting inspite of what some reviewers here noted I had to agree that it was somewhat dull The premise was promising but the unraveling of events and storytelling was insipid and unexciting Either the editor who wrote the prologue was exaggerating or baiting when he said the book belongs to the mantle of such incredible company such as Jon Krakauer s Into Thin Air , et al Nothing could be farther than this Maybe it was the author s self admitted difficult personality that made the storytelling bland Imagine, instead of being grateful for the ever patient wife for helping the author ease back into everyday life with broken legs, he was sulking for her not assembling a neighborhood welcoming party I m into the outdoors and mountaineering myself and I was not illuminate

I am surprised that Stephen Venables is able to make a living as a moutaineer writer if A Slender Thread Escaping disaster in the Himalaya is a good example of his work I just really didn t like his writing style, which made what should be a compelling and interesting story terribly boring I couldn t get through this book, so maybe it improved by the time it got to the latter half.
Venables book is mostly about a giant fall he took while climbing in the Himalaya I just put this book down a few hours ago and I honestly can t even remember where this fall took place Panch Chuli, maybe He talks about a gazillion other climbs along the way and is a huge name dropper this is a book that will appeal to someone who dwells in climbing circles, I think, but not to an arm chair adventurer.
I ve read a lot of excellent books by mountaineers wh This shows both how quickly disaster can occur and then how a situation can reverse from disaster to rescue when the odds appear insurmountable, basically depending on the skill of a helicopter pilot I suppose I m seeking some explanation as to why people want to climb and in such isolated areas I ve come to the conclusion it isn t really explicable, though the concept of flow when doing something well against the consequences of a mistake are probably central drivers however it doesn t feel like it is actually about the risk We ll written and you get a real sense of the fine balance between success and disaster.

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