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¿ A Mer-Tale ✓ Download by × Jan Goldie This is a teen novella packed full of drama, intrigue, secrets and action Oh and did I mention special powers Thala is coping with her studies, her overprotective uncle, her desire for freedom and her knowledge that there are secrets being kept around her Just like a normal teenager However, she s also a mermaid who has physical training to keep up, an arranged marriage to contend with, and an old family feud that goes back generations and which involves the loss of her parents.
I enjoyed the fantastical setting of this story, and Thala is sure to appeal to all teenage girls She is feisty, outspoken and naturally curious, but she also has a few secret weapons in her armoury which surprise even herself.
Fantasy is definitely not my genre of choice, so I was somewhat surprised when I found myself lost in A Mer Tale almost immediately, caring deeply for its characters and eager to find out how it was going to end Goldie s words are like brush strokes, each one working to paint a clear picture of a magical, and somewhat disturbing, undersea world The occasional kiwi ism gave me a bit of a thrill too.
All in all A Mer Tale is a quick, easy read one I d definitely recommend to anyone looking for a spot of escapism.

I love a good mermaid book and Mer Tale didn t disappoint The characters were likeable and the plot was well conceived I really liked Jan Goldie s flowy writting style as well The only downside was that it was too short I know it was only a novella however it would have been nice to have a full 300 odd page book I would have appreciated a bit of a back story and I felt that the mid ending when they were on the boat was a bit too rushed I would definitely buy a second follow up book 4 stars the book that sounds great when you try to describe the premise,the writing has been executed to a high standard and its a quick easy read But despite all this, I struggled to enjoy the book because i struggled to find anything remotely likeable or sympathetic about the characters, i got the taste of City of Atlantis,i did find the people and world elements at times coming across as recognisable and familiar, small aspects I have read before in other stories These little flashes thankfully do not detract from the story as a whole.
I liked the fact that I thought about it when I wasn t reading it I was often wondering what was going to happen to the main characters and pretty keen to get back to reading it It s a fun adventure for all ages I really hope there s a sequel I loved every minute of this book It is not normally a genre I would go for but it was recommended to me by a friend love a good recommendation I enjoyed the strongly developed characters and the journey they took it was funny, dramatic and took you far away from everyday life to an underwater world Very cool.
An absorbing tale with an enriching language that stimulates whilst inviting us to enter the watery depth Captivating for both young and old alike Great I should begin this review by saying that as Managing Director of IFWG Publishing Australia, I have published Jan M Goldie Brave s Journey young teen fantasy , but I was not compelled in any way to review this book I was simply handed it for my personal enjoyment Which I did.
A Mer Tale is a Young Adult contemporary fantasy novella, skirting closely science fiction It primarily tells the tale through the POV of Thala, a young mermaid from an ancient mer family, facing many personal and collective challenges, including the extinction of her race at the hands of an aquatic, alien race I ll leave most of the spoilers now it is worth a read.
I enjoyed A Mer Tale and am impressed with strong world building and character development in a relatively short work At the same time, I feel that the story could have been Land Trapped, Teenage Mermaid Thala Tellurian Has The Power To Transform From Mer To Human Form But She Lives A Sheltered Life, Smothered By The Rules And Protection Of Her Self Obsessed Uncle Isolated, Bored And Forbidden To Delve Into Her Family S Bloody Past, Thala Feels Like A Prisoner And Longs For ChangeSo, When Visitors From A Rival Pod Reveal A Hidden Agenda And Plan A Risky Journey, Thala Dives Straight In But It S Not Until She S Face To Face With Her Family S Lifelong Enemy That She Realises She S In Deep Trouble And Terrifyingly Unfamiliar WatersA Mer Tale Is A Story About Discovering Your Strengths, Facing Your Fears And Exposing Long Buried Secrets To The Light Of Day Mermaids, mermen, merfolk, science fiction, fantasy, YA fiction, Crossover fiction, undersea adventure, teen reads, novella, mermaid story, power to transform, mertale, Mertale, MerTale, mer tale,

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