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Download Epub Format ☆ A Most Scandalous Proposal PDF by Û Ashlyn Macnamara 01 03 2012 DNF for me at 30%.
This was a buddy read with Anna and I left her high and dry Why This book so did not grab me The author used about 50,000 words when a few would have sufficed to communicate a thought or a feeling At one point I found myself thinking about Charlie Brown s teacher whaw whaw whaw Not good So, not going to waste any of my precious time and just call this stinker done.
I seriously tried on multiple occasions to engage with this book Just did not happen Nothing worse than a historical romance that wants to be edifying Know Full review may come soon ARC provided by the author and Random House Publishing Group via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
Spectacular debut novel from Ashlyn Macnamara I stayed up until 2 a.
m reading this This was a lovely surprise as it was really two stories in one book Generally speaking, we would have seen either Julia or Sophia s story, and then would have had to wait for the next book to find out the other s story.
Nope Ms Macnamara has intertwined the sisters stories, first time I ve seen one like this, and it was a JOY to read.
Julia, after watching Sophia pine for five long years over the newly named Earl of Clivesden If that s love, then she wants no part of it She much prefers the friendship of her childhood friend, Benedict Revelstoke He is rarely in town, but stumbles across a wager in White s infamous book A wager that shocks him Someone is betting that they will marry Julia He simply can t let that happen.
Meanwhile, Sophia is suffer Ashlyn Macnamara S Stunning Romance Debut Perfect For Fans Of Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, And Sabrina JeffriesAfter Watching Her Beloved Sister Sophia Pine Over The Ton S Golden Boy For Years, Julia St Claire Has Foresworn Love Unfortunately, Her Social Climbing Mother And Debt Ridden Father Jump At The Chance To Marry Julia Off To The Earl Of Clivesdenthe Man Of Sophia S DreamsBenedict Revelstoke Has Assiduously Avoided The Marriage Mart But When He Discovers That Clivesden Has His Sights Set On Julia, Benedict Proposes In Order To Protect His Childhood Best Friend Only To Discover That Than Friendship Is Driving His Desire To Defend HerMeanwhile, Sophia Encounters A Mysterious Earl With A Dark Past Who Is Intent To Teaching Her All Kinds Of Forbidden Pleasures To Mend Her Broken HeartTwo Devoted Sisters Two Irresistible Heroes Two Enchanting Love Affairs A Most Scandalous Proposal was my first time reading Ashlyn Macnamara While I didn t love this debut novel, there were several elements that I appreciated and I will be trying of her work in the future.
A Most Scandalous Proposal actually has two romantic pairings The first is Julia and Benedict who have grown up as friends until Benedict s feelings went deeper while Julia remained blind to the attraction The second is Sophia and the Earl of Highgate who are thrown together due to an unintended compromising situation even though Sophia is in love with another man.
There are a lot of plot threads and the snobbishness and unforgiving nature of the ton is sketched out expertly There were many times I felt stifled just reading about the world the characters had to navig Fun Fun Fun From start to finish Witty and engaging This really is Sense and Sensibility with sex I look forward to Ms Macnamara s next book Another debut for this year and it turned out to be rather promising Miss Julia St Claire has no desire to fall in love and marry, instead she leaves that to her sister Sophia who has pined over the Earl of Clivesden for years Yet when Clivesden suddenly shows an interest in Julia, tension abounds and Julia keeps distancing herself from the drated man but he is always there She turns to her childhood friend, Benedict Revelstoke for help getting out of her unwanted betrothal Julia would rather be ruined in the eyes of society than cause her sister pain Problem is Benedict will not ruin her without offering marriagea marriage Julia fears will be one sided in love and the thing she wants to avoid at all costs.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that this story actually Oh my.
seriously A Most Scandalous Proposal definitely is one of the most promising debuts I ve read in a long time As a romance addict, I have certainly read a lot of those The story is about two sisters, who are united in their love for each other but couldn t be different in the way they pursue their dreams On the one hand there is Julia St Claire who thinks that she can learn about the painful sides of love by watching others I think that s a mistake easily done And then there is Sophia, who is so steadfast in her love that she doesn t doubt for one moment As they say, love makes us blind so there you have it two wonderful female characters both strong in their own way.
But it doesn t stop there Ashlyn Macnamara seems to create male characters that make you forget yourself There is no

I picked up this book because I love historicals, and the description mentions it is perfect for fans of Julia Quinn and Eloisa James two of my favorite historical authors.
There are two stories in this book Julia and Benedict s being the main one interspersed with the story of Sophia and Highgate Julia is disillusioned by love and has decided she does not need it in a marriage Sophia on the other hand, is infatuated, and waiting to marry the one she believes she loves.
When circumstances turn around such that Julia is required to marry Sophia s love, she must do something What she does is the most scandalous proposal and she seeks the help of her dependable, childhood friend Benedict Sophia s life also takes a dif 3.
75 starsThis is a very promising d but from Ashlyn Macnamara The writing and pacing were both good and there were none of those credulity stretching moments that seem to have marred so many of the newer historical romances I ve read recently.
I was pleased to discover that this book features not just one, but two of my favourite tropes in romantic fiction forced marriage and friends become lovers I should say at this point though that the blurb is rather misleading in that one could be forgiven for thinking the story is about Julia St Clare and her childhood friend Benedict Revelstoke In fact, the book features two parallel stories one featuring Julia and Benedict and the other, her older sister Sophia and Rufus, Earl of Highgate, and I would venture to say that this fact marks the book out as something a little bit different ARC courtesy of Random House Publishing via Edelweiss This review is for about 75% of the book the first 16 chapters and the last one Main characters Julia and BenedictSophia and Highgate My love of covers What I Liked Well nothing really, besides the cover I read on and on in hopes of finding something that I liked, but I couldn t The story is about 2 sisters who eventually find their happiness We have Sophia, who suffers from bad love syndrome as she s mooning after an idiot who doesn t want her and could never be faithful to only one woman, and Julia who after she sees what that love has done to her sister wants to remain unmarried As you can understand that doesn t happen and both of them end with men tha

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