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[ Pdf A Mother for His Adopted Son Å food-and-wine PDF ] by Lynne Marshall Å The Family He S Always Wanted Notoriously Cool, Calm And Always In Control, Single Dad Dr Sam Marcus Is Facing Every Parent S Worst Nightmare His Adorable Adopted Son, Dani, Has Cancer, And Andrea Rimmer Is The Only Woman Who Can Help As Andrea Treats His Son, Sam Sees The Warmth And Compassion Behind Her Independent Exterior Can He Prove To Andrea That She S The Only Mummy For Dani, And That Together Their Family Is A Perfect Fit The skilled writing of Lynne Marshall once again brings an extremely emotional storyline to life with believable circumstances and likable characters Interwoven with a tragic medical problem is a potential romance between two individuals with past issues that continue to haunt them as adults Much must be resolved before the couple can move on and find lasting happiness A Mother for His Adopted Son is dramatically realistic and shows how despair can turn into something positive While Dr Sam Marcus was in a foreign country to assist survivors of a typhoon, one young boy seems to like being around him all the time After returning to California when his mission was over, the pediatrician kept recalling moments with Dani and decided to check into adopting the toddler Though it took months, Sam eventually became a single father to one lovable boy Sadly, the happy times did not last ne Author Lynne Marshall delivers an emotionally touching story in her latest medical romance A Mother for His Adopted Son The story is well crafted and the characters touches your heart from page one Dr Sam Marcus hasn t had an easy childhood but when the chance for him to adopt a son arises, he captures the opportunity with both hands I found him to be a kind and honest man who has every attribute a loving father possesses The little boy Dani will wriggle his way into your hearts He is such a sweet soul But what he went through was heart wrenching The heroine, Andrea Rimmer, has had to deal with controlling men in her past So it makes it hard for her to let Sam into her life But as she gets to know him better she is drawn towards him and l I wrote this book and had to dig very deep to tell the difficult story Though it deals with a tough topic, I believe I kept the book upbeat and positive.
Wow I m not sure that this is an adequate word to describe just how much I enjoyed this book Lynne Marshall has written a truly heartwarming story that includes a precious three year old boy, the man who has adopted him and a young woman who finds herself drawn to both father and son Dr Sam Marcus found a precious little boy named Danilo while working in a foreign country to aid the survivors of a typhoon Soon, one year old Dani became Dr Marcus s shadow and he found it difficult to leave the little boy when it was time for him to go Once he had returned to his normal, everyday life, Sam kept thinking of Dani and, knowing personally the pain of being a foster child and how important it was to be chosen by a loving family, he began the process to adopt Dani He thought that his longtime girlfriend would become his wife and Dani Author Lynne Marshall s superlative storytelling skills are in full force in the beautifully poignant contemporary romance, A Mother for His Adopted Son Dr Sam Marcus is a devoted pediatrician the emotional distress from his own early childhood gave him added empathy for the suffering of young children On a medical mission to the Philippines, he connected with a small orphan boy, Danilo, known as Dani Never expecting to become a single father, Sam nonetheless knew that Dani was meant to be his son, and he proceeded with the adoption Not long after Dani came home to the States with Sam, a malignant tumor was discovered on one of Dani s eyes Surgical removal of the eye was necessary to be followed by fitting for a prosthetic eye Andrea Rimmer, an artist and skilled prosthetic maker, assists her grandmother, a renowned maker of prosthetic appli A Mother for His Adopted Son is a well written, realistic story The characters are true to life and you can almost develop relationships with them We have two people who both have problems that have haunted them for years There could be a possible romance between these two individuals but there is a serious medical issue The realism in this story makes the reader become a part of the story and the character s lives There are usually issues that have to be taken care of before two lives can emerge as one in love.
A young boy, Dani is always around Dr Sam Marcus as he takes care of some typhoon survivors When Sam goes back home, he is constantly thinking about adopting the little one Soon Sam becomes a single father The reader can almost pick that little boy up and hug him That s how real this story is The happy times came to an end when Dan is diagnos Lynne Marshall is one of those authors that can take you on an emotional ride with her fantastic writing This book is a very emotional one dealing with Dr Sam Marcus who grew up in foster homes, finding a young boy orphaned by a typhoon, on one of his medical missions and feels and infinity with him So he adopts the boy , loses his fianc over it but feels he made the right choice What happens is his little 4 year old Dani get retina cancer and must lose an eye Emotionally drained after viewing the surgery he goes in search of the head specialist that makes prosthetic eyes, and finds her not there but her granddaughter Andrea Rimmer covering Andrea is an artist and she designs in the prosthetics department also but is trying to find what she really wants to do, art or cover for her grandmother in this windowless department when she retires Her father who i Well this is such an emotional heart warming story you will be needing a box of tissues as you journey to a HEA that has lots of ups and downs as two people who help each other open up and reveal a part of themselves that they have kept closed of to everyone else and this is caused by issues that stem from their childhoods.
Dr Sam Marcus s childhood leaves a real mark on him and his adult life is about helping people the reason he became a doctor he now has an adopted son Dani who has cancer and loses an eye Dani is doing well but need a prosthesis and this meeting with the ocularist who makes the new eye will change his and Dani s lives.
Andrea Rimmer is an artist first but is pushed by her domineering father to take on an apprenticeship as an ocularist oh she loves what she does loves helping people but her art is calling to her and she has some decisions that need to be made an A Mother for His Adopted Son by Lynne Marshall Dr Sam Marcus has worked in the Medical Mission in the Philippines and fell for a little orphan over there Dani used to follow Dr Sam all over and he got so used to it that Sam adopted him Dani was 3 years old and had retinoblastoma and had lost his eye Dr Sam searched out the department in the hospital that he knew could make an eye for Dani so that he would not feel different then all the other children and also so the other children would not make fun of him Sam became Dani s dad after he had lost his family due to a typhoon Sam himself had been taken from his mom when he was ten and he knew he did not want Dani shuffled from foster home to foster home.
In the Ocularistry and Anaplastology Department at the hospital that Dr Marcus works he met the talented Andrea Rimmer Andrea could make an eye for Dani that you could not

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