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Ô A Darker State (Karin Müller #3) Ü Download by Ô David Young For The Stasi, It S Not Just The Truth That Gets Buried The Body Of A Teenage Boy Is Found Weighted Down In A Lake Karin M Ller, Newly Appointed Major Of The People S Police, Is Called To Investigate But Her Power Will Only Stretch So Far, When Every Move She Makes Is Under The Watchful Eye Of The StasiThen, When The Son Of M Ller S Team Member Goes Missing, It Quickly Becomes Clear That There Is A Terrifying Conspiracy At The Heart Of This Case, One That Could Fast Lead M Ller And Her Young Family Into Real DangerCan She Navigate This Complex Political Web And Find The Missing Boy, Before It S Too Late A clever and original novel Through the historical fiction set against thesinister aspects of the former Communist state of East Germany the author can raise contemporary issues in a unique way.
David Young writes with insight and fictional liberty to combine fact with what ifs and challenge political assumptions and reveal policing in a conflicted state.
Young s brilliant detective is female, not so unusual in this socialist regime but deemed too young and inexperienced, placed under duress further by being over promoted and set up for a crash.
Unfortunately, she has the heart and mind of a thorough investigator, she cannot by side tracked or silenced So, the secret police desiring an unopposed approach to law and order through fear and threat have a strong adversary believing in justice and truth.
This is played out cleverly as T W Mentions of Suicide, Suicide attempt, minor violenceI won a copy of the book through a giveaway on Readers First so thank you to them for picking me as one of the winners I hadn t read the first two books of this series however from my star rating above, I ve decided that I am not interested to carry on reading them Set in Berlin during the Cold War, a body of a teen boy is pulled from a lake, he has been brutally murdered Karin Muller who has just returned after having twins is asked to investigate who murdered the boy and why the killer killed him Things get turned upside down when another boy goes missing, the son of one of Muller s close team members With two mysteries to solve, time is running out and secrets will Another really excellent addition to this series Review to follow on blog tour.
Synopsis blurb.
For the Stasi, it s not just the truth that gets buriedThe body of a teenage boy is found weighted down in a lake Karin M ller, newly appointed Major of the People s Police, is called to investigate But her power will only stretch so far, when every move she makes is under the watchful eye of the Stasi.
Then, when the son of M ller s team member goes missing, it quickly becomes clear that there is a terrifying conspiracy at the heart of this case, one that could fast lead M ller and her young family into real danger.
Can she navigate this complex political web and find the missing boy, before it s too late Praise for the Karin M ller series Masterful an intricate, absorbing page turner Daily Express Superb A thrilling Cold War mystery that reminded me of Robert Harris at his best Mason Cross My takeA Dar For the Stasi It s not just the truth that gets buried .
Under the secrecy and fear of a communist state, a murderer lurks The prologue opens with one armed Polish dog walker Kazimierz Wojcik stumbling across, the rat covered dead body of a young male, in a dark lake It is within this terrifying political climate, that the man, even fears calling in the dead body to the police Keep you head down keep out of trouble That s how Kazimierz had survived all these years, and he wasn t about to change It is an eerie prologue that really sets the tone and pace of this historical novel The author has done an outstanding job, of bringing 1976 East Berlin alive The novel is set within six months of 1976 With alternate chapters alternating the various months The novel has many factual and historically accurate references But This is an excellent series,but it doesn t get the readership or the praise it deserves.
Unfair,considering so much trash gets rave reviews.
5 stars rounded to 5Book 3 in the Karin Muller series I call it the Stasi series since it takes place in the 1970 s in East Berlin The Stasi is the secret police who watches everyone and everything Comrade Major Karin Muller has just been promoted to Major in the People s Police Her new unit, Serious Crimes, is to work in collaboration with the Stasi But no one works with the Stasi, everyone obeys the Stasi whether consciously or not Karin is trying to solve a murder case while also working with the Stasi who has other outcomes in mind Excellent addition to the series.
David Young s award winning Eastern German historical series returns with a very welcome, brand new instalment For anyone who does not remember the cold war years, this is your chance to get behind the iron curtain and to discover a different era 1976 communist Eastern Germany This was when Germany was divided and half of it was enclosed behind a wall Young has made this era his own.
Karin Muller returns in A Darker State which follows on beautifully from Stasi Child and Stasi Wolf.
The story begins with an unexpected promotion for Muller Muller returns from maternity leave to a new job as Major within the People s Police Her old deputy, Werner Tilner follows her A promotion should mean that Muller haspower and self determination in the police However we are in Eastern Germany and it s 1976 This means her every breath is watched by the Stasi, the official state security for I love this series and A Darker State is every bit as good as the others Karin M ller is such a fantastic character Her life and career have moved on but the challenges are as great as ever The mystery is such a good one but the real strength of this book and the others is the author s vivid and absolutely fascinating portrayal of East Germany during the 1970s, which is clearly based on a huge amount of research and insight It is also a pageturner.

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