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Download Epub Format Ù A Good Confession PDF by Ù Bridget Whelan When Sweet Talking Mick Brogan Dies, His Young Wife Cathleen Struggles To Bring Up Their Daughters In Their Rented Rooms In S North London She Is Comforted By Father Jerry, Her Husband S Cousin And A Priest Generally Acknowledged By The Irish Community To Be Both A Saint And The Spit Of Gregory PeckAs Their Friendship Develops, Cathleen Fears That They Are Growing Too Close Hoping That Confession Will Ease Her Troubled Mind, She Says The Things That Can T Be Said Anywhere Else Not Realizing That She Is Confessing To The Man She LovesWhen A Tragedy Forces Cathleen Back To Ireland, She Must Face The Truth And Accept The Consequences Of Such A Forbidden Love A Good ConfessionI ve just finished A Good Confession and what a hugely satisfying read it was Set in the late nineteen fifties early sixties, the story centres around the forbidden relationship between a Catholic priest and a young widowed mother, both risking condemnation if ever their secret should be discovered Switching between the sooty streets of London and the tranquil beauty of Ireland, the story is evocative of its era, cleverly weaving in a back story of the Irish community and Irish immigrants working to rebuild the city, whilst trying to build some sort of life away from family and home The characters are beautifully portrayed, the fearsome headmistress put neatly in her place by the heroine, and Kitty, the heroine s mother, who talks as she finds, to name but two The priest, Father Jerry, both in vocation This was originally posted on Book Lovers,Inc My Thoughts I had no idea how I was going to review and rate this book A Good Confession was some kind of challenge for me because it s out of my comfort zone , but sometimes it s a good thing to try new things Let s just say I had a shaky start because I began crying from chapter 1 and I hate crying , but that was bound to happen when you start a book with a death.
I m torn, it would have been easier if I had not liked this book I really enjoyed reading A Good Confession but it went against all the things I love e.
g the ending From the book synopsis I jumped to the conclusion that this book was mostly about forbidden love well it is, but it s not the main part of the book For me it s about what happens after mourning for your husband How to go on with your life, It s about Cathleen s journey to new beginnings Cathleen finds comfort in Fath 2.
5 Stars The review that follows is a partial one To view the full review, please visit Brogan thought life was going well she is married to the love of her life, Mick, they have two beautiful daughters, and while they might not live in the lap of luxury they aren t on the streets begging for food either But when her husband suddenly gets sick, she never expected the worst to happen.
Burying Mick is one of the hardest things Cathleen has ever done Now how is she to go on with her life The one good thing, if you can call it that, that comes from Mick s untimely death is the reappearance of his cousin, a priest, who was a brother to Mick than even his own brother Father Jerry Brogan was even the man that married Cathleen and Mick all those years ago Since that day, they ve not seen him, but upon hearing the news, he leaves Italy where he was currently stationed to make Mick s A really powerful book Had me in tears several times and kept me guessing I really didn t expect the ending but when it came I felt yes, it was right and the only way it should end Really believable characters As for Father Jerry, well he is the kind of priest you could imagine falling in love with In places it s really funny but there s also a sinister death so don t expect a conventional hearts and flowers romance I didn t read it in one go but only because I have a family I rushed to get back to it I can tell you.
I read it in one sitting and was gripped from start to finish Brilliant book

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