Æ A Good Man in Evil Times: The Heroic Story of Aristides de Sousa Mendes -- The Man Who Saved the Lives of Countless Refugess in World War II È Download by Ï José-Alain Fralon

Æ A Good Man in Evil Times: The Heroic Story of Aristides de Sousa Mendes -- The Man Who Saved the Lives of Countless Refugess in World War II È Download by Ï José-Alain Fralon De Sousa Mendes was responsible for saving the lives of family members of our daughter in law His is an amazing story of writing visas for thousands upon thousands of folks in open defiance of direct orders from Portugal De Sousa Mendes followed his heart.
A Long Unknown Story Of Individual Courage In The Face Of An Authoritarian Fascist Bureaucracy Unfolds In This Inspiring Biographical Tribute To Aristides De Sousa Mendes, The Portuguese Consul To France In The Early Years Of The Second World War After The Nazi Invasion Of Poland On September Aristides De Sousa Mendes Found Himself Continually Restricted By The Policies Of Portugal S Prime Minister, Dr Antonio Oliveira De Salazar, Who, Like Franco In Spain, Assumed A Position Of Neutrality But Did Not Wish To Offend Hitler It Was Salazar S Circular Which Denied, On The Basis Of Race And Religion, Visas To The Swelling Number Of Refugees To Portugal That Prompted The Fifty Five Year Old Sousa Mendes S First Acts Of Disobedience In His Office At The Consulate In The Temporary French Capital Of Bordeaux Over A Period Of Six Months In , In Accordance With His Own Conscience Rather Than Salazar S Dictates, Sousa Mendes Signed Many Thousands Of Visas That Spared Their Recipients, Ten Thousand Of Them Jews, A Terrible Fate In The Nazi Death Camps Sousa Mendes S Acts Of Private Resistance Earned Him Salazar S Wrath, A Forced Early Retirement, And Years Of Dire Poverty They Also Won Him A Place In The Pantheon Of Truly Just Men And, In Israel, A Forest Commemorating His Tremendous Heroism Finally recognised and honoured long after his death, but not before he was allowed to die a destroyed and impoverished man this account of a hero s life is very inspirational As he said, I would rather stand with God against man, than with man against God He and his family paid dearly for his brave stand in Salazar s dictatorship, but thanks to his children and grandchildren, is finally honoured throughout the world.
A great story about a great great man A must read if you want to find out who this great hero was and if you already know to hear all the details.
J h algum tempo que tinha vontade de saber mais acerca desta personalidade, e este pequeno livro permitiu isso mesmo.
Opini o completa Um her i n o precisa de tantas cita es ou poesias quando a sua vida digna de ficar na hist ria.

Livro que parece mais ter sido escrito por um f do que por um biografo Com uma pesquisa de fraca qualidade, em muito apoiado na pesquisa feita por outros Dirigido mais a um p blico luso franc s do que ao portugu s propriamente dito Em grande parte fastidioso.
This is the biography of a Portuguese Consul during the beginning of the WWII and its efforts to provide passports visas to the many people trying to escape the Nazis Unfortunately for him at the time his actions were considered an act of disobedience to the Portuguese Government a fascist dictatorship, boasting neutrality but with friendly ties to Nazi Germany , and only in the late 80 s was is work finally recognized and praised.
Interesting work on an unknown character to the most until very recently Still, the book is doesn t get many stars from mainly due to the fact that I didn t feel like I got to know who he was This appeared to me as just a recollection of significant historical facts and not much.

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