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[Lynnette Kent] ✓ A Holiday To Remember (Harlequin American Romance #1284) [coin-collecting PDF] Read Online ☆ DOES HER HEART REMEMBER Tonight, Chris Hammond Is Getting The Truth, Even If It Means Crashing The Snowy Gates Of The Hawkridge School Chris Is Convinced He S Found His Childhood Sweetheart, A Girl He Loved And Lost Twelve Years Ago In The Smoky Mountains Of North Carolina It S Her, He S Sure Only She Doesn T Seem To Know Him At AllJayne Thomas S Past Is A Mystery, Even To Her But As Hawkridge S Headmistress, Jayne Knows Her Future Is Clear She Ll Be Spending Christmas Snowed In With Seven Cranky Students And An Intrusive Though Quite Attractive Stranger At Least He S Handy With An Ax And His LipsChris Knows He Can T Force Her To Remember, Or Himself To Forget He Must Love Jayne For The Woman She S Become Or Risk Losing Her All Over Again

A warm read I liked a lot of the snowbound and stuck together aspects, I found the students holiday celebration was awfully and memorably sweet, and I enjoyed Chris telling the students the story of Chase and Juliet I also liked the grandfather aspect of the plot But I felt Chris was too imperious about forcing Jayne to remember, and there just wasn t a lot of depth to Jayne She has no real history so depth is hard to achieve, but she could have had personality instead of just stock reactions There just wasn t enough here to convince me that Chris and Jayne were actually in love, were ready for a long haul relationship, and not just swept up by their emotional reunion.

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