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[ Read Online A Home at Trails End (Homeward on the Oregon Trail, #3) ê world-war-ii PDF ] by Melody Carlson ↠´ Bestselling Author Melody Carlson Than Million books Sold Continues Her Homeward On The Oregon Trail Series With This Third And Final AdventureElizabeth Martin And Her Two Children Have Finally Reached The Oregon Country But Eli Kincade, The Wagon Train Scout Who Captured Her Heart, Has Chosen To Continue Life On The Trail As Other Pioneer Families Begin Building New Homes, Elizabeth Has Never Felt AloneHowever, When Eli Unexpectedly Returns, Confesses His Love, And Proposes, Elizabeth Accepts With Her Family S BlessingA Community Begins To Take Shape, But Not Without Growing Pains As An Alternative To The Local Minister S Fiery Sermons, Elizabeth S Father Begins To Preach At Home, Raising The Ire Of Some Racial Biases Arise Against Brady, Elizabeth S African American Hired Hand Eli S Warm Sentiments Toward Indians Also Raises ConcernsCan Elizabeth And Her Family Overcome These Differences And Begin A Legacy Of Reconciliation And Love About This Series The Homeward On The Oregon Trail Series Brings To Life The Challenges A Young Widow Faces As She Journeys West, Settles Her Family In The Pacific Northwest, And Helps Create A New Community Among Strong Willed And Diverse Pioneers I think this is an outstanding series love this final book in the series It was a blessing to win this from Melody Carlson, and due to challenges of health and working schedule changes, read this and the first two books in the series in about a week Have a bad habit of waiting until I have the whole series before starting to read it To me, the marks of good novels include excellence in writing, learning something new, and looking forward to the next book in the series 5 stars for excellence in writing Since this is the end of the Homeward on the Oregon Trail series, I look forward to reading some of Melody s other books and already downloaded another series on my Kindle.
I learned details of daily living challenges of those making the arduous trek on the Oregon Trail as well as on the frontier as settlers I also learn how those in Christian marriag Melody Carlson in her new book, A Home At Trail s End Book Three in the Homeward on the Oregon Trail series published by Harvest House Publishers concludes the journey of Elizabeth Martin.
From the back cover The end of a journey the beginning of a new lifeAfter overcoming the challenges of the Oregon Trail, Eli Kincaid, the handsome scout for the wagon train, has realized that his love for Elizabeth Martin is stronger that his affinity for life on the trail While Elizabeth and her children stay with Malinda, also a widow with children, Eli builds a cabin and Elizabeth plans their wedding.
But how will the area s residents feel when they find out that Elizabeth is also secretly sheltering a lone Indian woman and her young child on her property Or that her hired han I enjoyed the first two books in this series the second one probably better than the first so I was interested to see what would happen as the folks from the wagon train settled into their new lives in Oregon There are so many characters that were introduced throughout the course of the first two novels that it was sometimes difficult to keep everyone perfectly straight I was very glad that there was a cast of characters page in the beginning of the book.
The small conflicts that come up in this novel for example, Elizabeth and her friend Malinda dealing with some jealously and bickering were really good examples of how to resolve conflict as a Christian Although Elizabeth usually seemed to be on the side of right in these conflicts, it wasn t always the case, and it helped to keep Elizabeth from seeming to be too perfect The bigger circumstances that arose, however, did mak A Home at Trail s End by Melody Carlson is Book 2 of a series Centers about establishing homes as well as a town at the end of the Oregon Trail Second marriages for those who lost spouses either during the trip or shortly after reaching Oregon Time frame is 1859 If the reader has finished Book 1 of the series, most of the characters would be well known However, it is not a requirement The author has done a good job in presenting these folks.
On a personal note, the book was a bit too preachy and politically correct for me to enjoy fully although for some readers it will be exactly what they are looking for.
A Home at Trail s EndI want this series to continue on The series starts with the dream of going west The preparations, the pro s and con s all examined and explored Then the decision is made.
In the second book you re privy to all the trials and tribulations of the long journey west Along the way friendships and romances developed This last book in the series is the culmination of all they endured and the new trials of homesteading There are happy times with marriages, births and new homes As well as trials, weather, prejudices, miscarriages and other issues of a new frontier.
The characters in this series are good God loving, hard working people You grow attached to them and I for one would love to see how these characters lives continue through t Eli and Elizabeth prepare for their wedding and their lives together in Oregon by building a new home and helping their family and friends.
I learned the wedding dress color poem from the 1800 s white chosen rightblue love will be trueyellow ashamed of her fellowred wish herself deadBlack wish herself backgray travel far awaypink of you he ll always thinkgreen ashamed to be seen325 pages I thouroghly enjoyed this books It was about the settlers buidling home in Oregon Faith, love, hard work and honor are the values in this book.
This is definitly a book for all ages to witness a bit of the history of settling in Oregon a far different climate from the Boston and the Kentucky climates from which these pioneers came.
This book is a hopeful tale of a modern minded heroine living long before her time I really enjoyed the end of Elizabeth s story In some ways I did feel a bit late to the party since I haven t read the first two books, but Melody Carlson does a pretty good job of catching the reader up without taking us aside and providing a summary Instead she weaves it back into the story into a way that feels really natural I appreciated that and I appreciated a nice story I could immerse myself in.
I love to read pioneer stories because they do a great deal to remind me of how cushy and convenient my life is in comparison to our American ancestors To read about Elizabeth and her friends being excited over real windo Transports you to another timeThis series of three books is extremely well written It is easy to get lost in this time of the pioneers and feel as though you are witnessing their lives Melody Carlson has painted an amazing picture with her words.

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