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[ Read Online A Lesson in Temptation (Stanton Family, #4) ✓ birds PDF ] by Audra North Õ 4 Stars From the vertical tango to the horizontal tango, this was a fun, flirty, sexy novella.
I was charmed by Adam s quirkiness, and amused by his dogged determination to put his career goals before his own needs and pleasure, and not to enjoy life Julie was the complete opposite and was hell bent on living life to the fullest Their mutual attraction started years ago when neither of them was in the position to act on it, but now Julie had the opportunity to set things in motion and she was ready to take on the challenge Adam didn t stand a chanceWhen we move, we must lead and follow with the center of our body, Ivana told the class, pointing to a place just beneath her breasts and gliding backward If your center does not come first, you will find it difficult to dance tango That means straight backs, don Audra North has placed herself firmly on my autobuy list This lady can write a novella From the opening page A Lesson In Temptation grabbed and with every element I love to find in a full length novel, albeit condensed, and I had the most pleasurable lunch hour.
Finance Professor Adam Harkness isn t known as Prof Hotness for nothing Sexy, witty and intelligent he is somewhat of a workaholic When his friends sign him up on a 6 week dance course he s partnered with Julie Stanton, ex student She wanted him then, she wants him now and their lessons prove that the Tango is sexy Upright or horizontalSexy and sizzling, Adam and Julie had a perfect chemistry he brooding and serious with a dirty thought process against her young confident and fun nature All I will say is that their like minded intelligence brings some very sexy action So if a short, sensual and ve A Lesson in Temptation is my first Audra North and I have a feeling its not going to be my last This woman can write the heck out of a novella, delivering an emotional and scorching read that is so very worth your time It s not the cover alone that is out of this world sexy when it comes to A Lesson in Temptation, what lies inside is mind numbingly so A Lesson in Temptation is part of the Stanton Family series With two full length novels and one novella already published in the series, A Lesson in Temptation reads just fine as a standalone and tells the story of Julie Stanton and Adam Harkness Adam is highly ambitious, studious and doesn t have time for distractions like falling in love Having led a life that had been nearly at the edge of being poverty stricken had made Adam a stickler for hard work and even with a PhD under his belt with an impressive position The novella A Lesson in Temptation , is the fourth story in the Stanton Family series I read and enjoyed two of the previous stories found this one to be funniest.
Adam Harkness s unshakable drive and insane work ethic has landed him a coveted tenure track position as Finance professor at Columbia While a professorship gives him some measure of security, he is not about to let up and risk losing it all Feeling the pressure to finish his book, he doesn t want to slack off even for a night, but find himself under an obligation to attend a dance class gifted to him by his colleague and mentor Naomi Stressed and tense he walks into class and spots a familiar face across the room.
Ever since she put her horrible high school years beh I was about a quarter of the way into this one when I clicked over todarn you, one click and bought the other three titles in the series Fifteen minutes after finishing this one, I started on Healing Her Heart No doubt the other two will follow soon what They re novellas I can squeeze them in somewhere Some of my favorite parts of this one were the times we were inside poor Adam s head He tried so hard to stay focused on his goals and keep Julie out of his mind Fortunately for us and Julie it didn t work.
This one had me laughing out loud at the dinner table it s their dance instructor, giving them one of their first directions in the first class period and Adam s response Now, all of you, face your partner, and walk toward each other with your center leading My thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing LLC, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review This was a very fast paced novella that spanned a period of 5 6 weeks and Tango classes.
A former student and her TA find themselves in a Tango class for two very separate reasons, however the attraction they had a few years ago is still very much there.
Both have their reasons as to why they work so hard, but whilst he excludes the fun, she is determined and works hard to make sure that she has some.
It s a sweet and fun and enjoyable read that seems to finish very quickly.
Adam Harkness Pulled Himself Out Of Poverty To Become One Of The World S Most Respected Finance Professors, But At The Cost Of His Personal Life When A Well Meaning Friend Gifts Him With A Dance Course, Adam Decides To Attend One Class Out Of Courtesy, But No Than That He Has Work To Do, After All Or At Least, That S What He Tells HimselfAfter Being Bullied In High School, Julie Stanton Took Refuge In Her Studies But Now That Her Hard Work Has Paid Off And Julie Has Found Success In Her Job, It S Time To Focus On Finding The Same Happiness In The Rest Of Her LifeWhen Adam Walks Into The Same Tango Class That Julie Signed Up For, She Recognizes Him Immediately As The Professor Whom She Had A Crush On In College Both Adam And Julie Have Proven Themselves To Be Excellent Scholars But When The Attraction Between Them Turns Into Something , Will They Be Able To Open Their Hearts And Learn A New Lesson How To LoveEach Book In The Stanton Family Series Is A Standalone, Full Length Novella That Can Be Enjoyed Out Of Order Series Order BookFalling For The CEOBookOne Night In SantiagoBookHealing Her HeartBookA Lesson In Temptation Professor Adam Harkness Hotness is given the gift of tango lessons Something which he deems a waste of time, time in which he could be working on either grading papers, or writing his own book so he can be published and get tenure at Columbia University Julie Stanton walks into her first tango lesson alone, ignoring all of the work that she has to do, but is committed to keeping her promise to herself of allowing time for her to live her life and just have fun When Adam walks into Julie s class, memories of their first meeting years back come to light Adam was Julie s TA in college, and one afternoon, they got a little too close while he was explaining a lesson Nothing happened, and both brushed it off and forgot about it Except, that neither one of them did When Julie and Ad For this review andvisit my blogTo be honest I wasn t expecting much from A Lesson in Temptation Lately a lot of the short romances I have read have been disappointing so I was unfairly expecting this to be as well Short romances are hard to get right because they essentially rely on one thing, chemistry You can have a perfectly written novella with well rounded characters and an engaging storyline but if there is no chemistry in the romance then the novella is going to fall flat on its face A Lesson in Temptation wasn t perfect I had issues with it but the one thing it had in spades was chemistry which meant that in the end I actually quite enjoyed it.
Audra North has created a nice little story with A Lesson in Temptation and for me it ticked a lot of the boxes I quite liked her writing style, it is easy and enjoyable This isn t literary I can always turn to author Audra North when I am looking for a quick, hot read Her novellas never fail to disappoint and A Lesson in Temptation is a welcome addition to her series, The Stanton Family Due to the restrictiveness of a short narrative, Ms North is always able to sustain an entertaining plot, along with characters that are well developed.
Adam Harkness, or should I say Adam Hotness, has worked very hard to achieve a place on Columbia University s faculty He has given up all of his free time, which includes some much needed fun, for the sake of finishing his publication and supporting his family back home in North Dakota To force Adam to loosen up and have some fun, his good friends gave him a gift of tango lessons.
In order to save herself from the bullies in high school, Julie Stanton threw herself into her studies A littlethan a few years

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