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[Jennie Lucas] È A Night of Living Dangerously [womens-studies PDF] Read Online Ç Update 11 30 18 I read this book for the third time yesterday and the fourth time today There is just something about this story that draws me Every time I read it I end of reading it twice in a row I just can t get enough of it I love the heroine so much There is a scene when she tells the hero that she s pregnant and it is awesome She just wants him to be happy and she is willing to walk away so he can marry an evil woman who he says is his perfect match for a strategic business union That took guts and it just gets better each time I read it This is a very good book, one I definitely recommend It s a safe book and once the hero took out the heroine he was never with anyone else intimately If he was with someone right before he met her at least we didn t have to witness it or even hear about it Our hero Lilley the virgin is working as a file clerk at Caetani Worldwide, and she s having a bad day She s new, and she has dyslexia, so she is not speedy at the filing What she really wants to do is design and sell jewellery She followed her boyfriend Jeremy to San Francisco from France, where she d been working as a housekeeper for her cousin He definitely had a book I haven t found it yet, but he s the count of St Raphael and vineyards He s been a pill to his wife, and Lilley left in the spirit of female solidarity Jeremy has turned out to be a terrible boyfriend He was supposed to be helping the procrastinating Lilley set up her business, but instead Lilley finds him in bed with roommate Nina And rather than being properly remorseful, Jeremy chose the moment of Like Cinderella At The Ball Lilley S Fairytale Wish Is About To Be Granted She Ll Swap Her Grey Suits For A Fabulous Dress And Killer Heels, And Dance The Night Away With The Man Every Other Woman Wants But Only For One Night When The Clock Strikes Twelve Alessandro Caetani Does Not Do Happy Ever Afters In Fact His Charm Extends Only As Far As Getting His Little Mouse Secretary Into Bed Lilley Has Never Taken Such A Risk Before, But This Is Her Night Of Living Dangerously Who Is Going To Call Time On The Fairytale Ending I didn t realize it, but I ve read this three times Okay, read once, skimmed it two times.
My problem with it is the hero, if that is a term that could be used.
Forget the tropes of the poor pitiful virgin, fleeing from her evil background, she seems stupid but is actually Idiot savantly talented, OTT makeover that drives H wild, etc These tropes all pale in significance to the fact that the H would rather listen to his his evil bitch ex than the woman he unknowingly loves He reject the abandoned heroine when she arrives at his engagement party to the evil ex and only takes her on when she admits she is there because she s pregnant After a happy interlude, he rejects her again, humiliates and debases her in front of a 12 26 18 2nd readJust re read this and I have to admit, it wasn t as good on second read I really wish he had been a better man and not judge her so much I know he did that epic grovel at the end but the whole Olivia thing and the things he said at the party, just not nice Sorry I re read it I still love the h She was so wonderful.
2 18 18 1st ReadI loved this book I liked the heroine so much I love when a heroine loves so much and is so selfless I know I am a dissenting opinion there but I just loved how her love made him a better man I liked her personality and I actually gave it a five star even though the H and his ex biatch were so horrid to her at the 2nd party There were a couple of parts that just made me cry She loved him so much and I liked that she didn t ever waver She was even strong enough to walk away and I loved that about her I want to find the other stories Why can t they do believable covers The female model on the cover looks just that tall leggy model and certainly not a little mouse sex kitten etc Or maybe the guy isn t as tall or broad shouldered as he s supposed to be Personally I still prefer and drool over the illustrations of the HPs of yore They knew how to make all your fantasies come true Anyhow the h is really quite sweet and open hearted My friend Debbie has that right You can t but adore her for loving so openly and selflessly And yes, she has a personality and I liked her dignity at the walkout But she could have confessed a lot sooner and those but I thought you knew or I ll tell him soon excuses only work or rather don t work in HPs He s a true tstl H with zero judgment No wonder he was losing contracts left, right and center I won t rate him the c This was not my favorite book by this author, his behaviour with the heroine was despicable, he found her crying in the office, took her on a date to make the heroine s cheating boyfriend jealous, took her innocence and then ignored her as he said he would, fired her and found her a job somewhere else and when she told him she was pregnant married her, told her she couldn t follow her dream of a jewellery business, never helped her out with his friends and instead tried to mold her into something else and then publicly humiliated her, calling her a cheat and questioned the paternity of their child I found that unforgivable, so what that she didn t tell him that her father was wealthy, she should have but he should have respected her enough to talk in private.
Of course he makes a grand gesture to make up for it but in my book t

I adore the ONS, love at first sight trope mostly because I don t believe in it in real life but this one didn t work for me It had the right ingredients plain, plump heroine with a reading disability who works as a humble filing clerk in the billionaire s office He s been given an ultimatum to put a ring on it by his gf and while he s fuming in his office at her audacity, hears the h crying Both are mutually smitten at first sight He drags the sob story out of her She walked in on her boyfriend in bed with her best friend turns out the two cheaters are in love Insert puke here.
He decides they should do a one up on their ex partners and show up at a charity ball together It s in a few hours but her fairy god Hero does his magic and surprise not , she turns into a voluptuous hottie that he can barely keep his hands off an IMOFor a public humiliation THAT bigCute grand gesture epic grovelling Hero needed to lose a body part wipes Kool aid off mouth So many great reviews, so I ll just add my two cents This was a fun, fast paced story with a wide eyed heroine and a hero who just ran with his feelings at all times He was the antithesis of a careful, calculating businessman hero and I really liked him When he said that he made his first million by investing in plastic bracelets that just happened to get popular by chance, I think that summed up his whole character arc He just happened upon the heroine and hit the jackpot not really knowing how he got there He had absolutely no judgment about anything Case in point he couldn t see how cutting edge the heroine s jewelry designs were and how marketable He couldn t see how wrong the OW was for him He didn

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