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[Jodi Daynard] Ñ A Transcontinental Affair [hinduism PDF] Ebook Epub Download ò This lovely novel takes readers on a journey that features the most advanced train travel of the day, but also on an exploration of the human spirit, courage, and heart Daynard not only creates great characters, she paints them with vivid colors and light Each one is unique and fully developed, and you will yearn to know the outcomes all along the way Daynard also shows evidence of impeccable research, and I felt I was taking the journey along with the characters The love story in this novel surprised me and yet unrolled naturally and believably I also didn t see many of the plot twists coming I highly recommend this unique work of historical fiction Thanks to NetGalley for the advanced reader s copy.
A journey of the heart takes us cross country and ends up nowhere I thought it would end At first I thought, Okay there are some interesting female characters But it becomes muchthan what you expect You literally don t know what s going to happen until the very end I m not normally a fan of this genre, but this was an exceptional read Men as well as women are going to love it.
Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Book an amazing trip back in time with A Transcontinental Affair With complex heroines, impeccable prose, high drama and a view of the West as it was being won, this historical romance set on America s first transcontinental train trip in 1870 offers the perfect must read novel for a long, leisurely rail journey or a commuter binge Passionate, insightful, empathetic and unforgettable.
To my mind, much of historical fiction, in literature and TV, is merely contemporary drama in costume That is because a realistic representation of a time gone past takes extensive research it s hard work One thing I love about Jodi Daynard s novels is that you can be sure she has done her homework and that even very minor details can be trusted as truthful Add to that strong and well rounded characters and a plot full of surprises, and you have a compelling read Maybe if your taste runs to genre formulas where you pretty much know what is going to happen, and there s nothing wrong with that then this book might not be for you If you are up for a challenge then I am confident that you will not have read anything quite like this book By th Sit back and enjoy this long train tour in 1870 The first of its kind This is a new journey from The Northeast and ended in California.
The characters here all had their own motives for being in the seats of this exquisite train It had everything from gourmet meals, a smoking car, and a bar car It was truly spectacular and the descriptions by Jodi Daynard gave me the feeling of traveling along This is a detailed and at times intense voyage.
What comes is friendship, a unique and new love and many, many other things.
Definitely an enjoyable trip A Sweeping Tale Of Adventure And Danger, Innovation And Corruption, And Two Women Whose Lives Intertwine In Unexpected Ways On America S First Transcontinental Train Trip MayCrowds Throng The Boston Station, Mesmerized By The Mechanical Wonder Huffing On The Rails The Pullman Hotel Express, The First Train To Travel From Coast To Coast Boarding The Train Are Congressmen, Railroad Presidents, And Even George Pullman Himself For Two Young Women, Strangers Until This Fateful Day, It S The Beginning Of A Journey That Will Change Their LivesSensitive Louisa Dreads The Trip, But With Limited Prospects, She S Reluctantly Joined The Excursion As A Governess To A Wealthy Family Hattie Is Traveling To San Francisco To Meet Her Fianc , Yet She S Far Interested In The Workings Of The Locomotive Than She Is In The Man Awaiting Her Arrival As The Celebrated Train Moves Westward, The Women Move Toward One Another, Pulled By An Unexpected AttractionBut There Is Danger In This Closeness, Just As There Is In The Wilds Of The Frontier And In The Lengths The Railroad Men Will Go To Protect Their Investments Before Their Journey Is Over, Louisa And Hattie Will Find Themselves Very Far From Where They Intended To Go

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