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[Linda Majzlik] ☆ A Vegan Taste of East Africa (Vegan Cookbooks) [food-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download Î As much as I like to eat good food, I ve always hated cooking Who has the patience to stand there and chop vegetables or stir things or watch pots when one can be reading a book or writing a letter or doing something else Then I ran into a friend who was hobbling home from the hospital after foot surgery She lived on an upper floor of a walk up tenement building, meaning that she was effectively homebound during her entire two month recovery While perusing her overflowing shelves, I came across this cookbook and she told me to borrow it she couldn t stand over the stove anyway for the next couple of months In return, I promised to bring her fresh cooked vegetable dishes from the book.
And wowthe dishes in this book are fantastic True, I do have to stand there and pull kale leaves off the stalks or cut onions, but otherwise these dishes are eas

A Vast Region Of Climactic And Geographic Extremes, East Africa Is Often Characterized As A Wasteland Of The Tastebuds, Where Harsh Conditions Lead To Basic, Flavorless Food This Vegan Cookbook Dispells That Myth, Showcasing East Africa S Hearty, Healthy, And Delectable Ingredients From Sweet Potatoes And Cassava To Sorghum, Spices, And Savory Curries Italian, Indian, And Portuguese Influences Combine With Native African Traditions And Tastes To Create A Truly Unique Regional Flavor The Cookbook S Adventurous Recipes Sample The Best Animal Free Ingredients Of The Region To Create Easy To Make And Easy To Enjoy Vegan Meals

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