Download Epub Format ✓ After You, Dearest Language PDF by ✓ Marisol Limon Martinez

Download Epub Format ✓ After You, Dearest Language PDF by ✓ Marisol Limon Martinez Poetry After You, Dearest Language Is An Alphabetical Index And Linguistic Navigation Of Symbols And Their Meanings Conceived As A Sort Of Hypertext In Book Form, It Connects The Visual And The Verbal Through Personal Narratives Of Real, Surreal, Urban, Hyper Urban And Bucolic Spaces This Linguistic Navigation, Much Like Barthes By Barthes And Jean Paul Sartre S The Words, Articulates One S Often Inarticulate, And Yes, Mysterious Interior And Its Relationship To Exteriority Claudia Milian A Subtle And Beautifully Crafted Exploration Of A Personal Language But Clothed In Song, Clothed In The Visionary Power Of Poetry Language As A Method Against Evil Guillermo Juan Parra Marisol Limon Martinez Is A Visual Artist She Lives In New York I don t read a lot of poetry For some reason, I don t process it the same way I process other kinds of words, though if I can tell myself that it s poetic prose used as a fiction technique, for instance, suddenly doors open and I can read it in a different way Which probably means that I can actually process poetry fine if I have the right kind of attentional commitment to it Then there s Ugly Duckling The few Ugly Duckling publications I ve run across all are designated poetry, art on the back, but they re all of a kind of cohesion of intent and overarching formal structure as opposed to the traditional collection that immediately draws me in Also the spines apparently fit my search image for books that merit further investigation before all others on any given shelf, sharing something of the paper quality seen

Unlike anything I ve ever read An encyclopedia of dreams An index of the surreal What a whirlwind, what a joy.

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