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[Andrew Hodges] õ Alan Turing: The Enigma [catholic PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ñ Let me introduce you to Alan He is a quiet and shy man, but one who mainly gets along with his colleagues He is determined to tackle large questions and finds that his understanding of mathematics and logic can be applied to aspects of the universe around him, especially in areas that people would deem too messy and without any logic He is a great proponent of going back to first principles when approaching problems also.
This book has been on my radar for years now I found it after one of those tipping points where you finally hit the nth reference to a person or idea and you find your ignorance about it embarrassing By the way I find that these instances only increase with theyou act upon them Ignorance rea I loved this book I was almost afraid to read it after others said how difficult it was to understand the math sections, but I found those to be fascinating If math had been taught this way in my schools, I would have enjoyed it a lotI even read some of the maths bits to my husband As to Turing s life, I very much enjoyed reading about that, too I wish I had known him The way his mind works just took my breath away I found myself going back over paragraphs, just to make certain I would always remember his ideas, and the way he expressed them.
The book covers his entire life birth to death not just the code breaking days of WWII Not only is he considered a pioneer of computer science, and artificial intelligence, but he dabbled in physics, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, and neurology, too In 1952, his work on

This was a fascinating book I m not really recommending it because I thought it was overly complicated and I m not sure that a lot of people will want to spend half of their reading time on Wikipedia the way I did I only understood about a quarter of the many, many mathematical concepts that were discussed, at exhausting length, in the book Still, I m glad to knowabout the man who contributed so much to computer science He had a fascinating, tragic life Great book, but be prepared for some headaches.
To read this is to feel humbled, not just by Alan Turing s brilliant mind, but also by the years of dedicated work that Andrew Hodges put into this biography At 700 plus pages, including a massive number of footnotes and references which are themselves a fund of fascinating information, it is dense going however, and probably not for everyone, although I found it totally absorbing Here finally well, not really finally as it was written in 1983 was someone who could explain Turing s universal machine and his theory of computable numbers Not that I m sure I understood it, but Hodges explanations are lucid unlike Dyson s muddled and waffly Turing s Cathedral that I once mistakenly thought was this book Turing was a strange, contradictory character, a shy and bumbling academic but at the same time quite unlike the acad I watched The Imitation Game last week and I was left in awe, and slightly ashamed of myself for not knowing the contribution of Alan Turing to the war efforts and the advent of the computer age After the film i bought this book and a few others in order to get to knowabout the brilliant man and the code breaking that went on during WW2 This is an extremely well written and detailed book, and while a little heavy of the maths side there is nothing not to be expected from a biography about a genius mathematician.
That s certainly cleared up a lot of the questions I had following the film It concerns me that Cumberbatch s Turing seemed to stray dramatically from biographical evidence The film paints him in a dangerously stereotypical way, as the lone genius, unable to work well with others and with little care for his fellow humans It would seem the Turing was a well liked person, albeit one who didn t care very much what people thought of him, especially concerning his sexuality If you saw and enjoyed the film I d definitely recommend this book It is a long read though, and does have a tendency to go intotechnical detail that I personally found necessary That said, I m not exactly mathematically inclined, and these passages may be of great interest to those who understand it There are a lot of moral and ethical questions about the powers that machines ought to have and their ability 4.
5 Quite a thorough biography, I prefer the Bletchley Park period, but quite complete picture of his lifeI only have a couple of complaints The book is quite lengthy I feel that some digressions into the politics at his boarding school, for example, weren t worth diving into to explain the effect it had on his presence there Hodges also employs this extended mixed metaphor intertwining Alice in Wonderland apropos , Wizard of Oz less so , among others Not sure it helped to continue referring to the Red and White Queens etc.
But apart from that, this was a great read Very full picture of Turing s life, public and private and it was mostly private , from troubles as a schoolboy, his sexuality, his codebreaking during WWII, groundbreaking work toward modern computing, and his eventual academic fading, conviction for indecency and sudden s This biography was a struggle to get through I picked it up in audiobook form in anticipation of The Imitation Game hitting theaters this fall I didn t immediately realise how long and thorough it would be, though I knew I was venturing into a topic I knew very little about.
Here s the thing the parts of this biography that deal with Alan Turing s personal life are EXTREMELY interesting and well researched I loved how detailed they were and found it a fascinating portrait of a man I knew very little about But a great deal of this biography also delved into detailed descriptions of Alan Turing s experiments and inventions, of which I understood almost nothing I found myself glazing over for big chunks of the book while the author described the different types of codebreaking techniques I know they were absolutely relevant, but they got so technical that someo Alan Turing Was A British Mathematician Who Made History His Breaking Of The German U Boat Enigma Cipher In World War II Ensured Allied American Control Of The Atlantic But Turing S Vision Went Far Beyond The Desperate Wartime Struggle Already In The S He Had Defined The Concept Of The Universal Machine, Which Underpins The Computer Revolution InHe Was A Pioneer Of Electronic Computer Design But Turing S True Goal Was The Scientific Understanding Of The Mind, Brought Out In The Drama And Wit Of The Famous Turing Test For Machine Intelligence And In His Prophecy For The Twenty First CenturyDrawn In To The Cockpit Of World Events And The Forefront Of Technological Innovation, Alan Turing Was Also An Innocent And Unpretentious Gay Man Trying To Live In A Society That Criminalized Him InHe Revealed His Homosexuality And Was Forced To Participate In A Humiliating Treatment Program, And Was Ever After Regarded As A Security Risk His Suicide InRemains One Of The Many Enigmas In An Astonishing Life Story

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