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[ Pdf Alaska ☆ divorce PDF ] by James A. Michener ↠´ For two months the author took me on a journey, soaring over majestic mountains and ice crusted seas I was immersed in the history of the people and their ways and shown both sides of what happens when cultures clash Alaska unforgiving and brutal to those who don,t follow her rules but a gem to behold for those who take the chance to know her I probably read an additional three books of info online just following up on some of the topics the author went over in the book The closest you can get to Alaska without actually going.
The first five hundred pages of this brick of a book were informative and entertaining enough to get me over the half way hump, but it quickly became less of a page turner and of a slog I think sometimes that updating my progress on Goodreads is of a motivator to make it through a book than actually reading it Is that a sign If your goal is to tell the entire cultural history of a place in a novel telling it through individual narratives might not be a bad way to do it, especially if you re trying for 29 weeks on the national bestseller list, but after 1000 pages of the same formula or 1000 pages of anything it gets a little stale I also found it awkward how Michener fit the didactic facts that are necessary in understanding parts of Alaska s history into the dialogue of the characters in the narrative It was painful to read a number of passages In This Sweeping Epic Of The Northernmost American Frontier, James A Michener Guides Us Through Alaska S Fierce Terrain And History, From The Long Forgotten Past To The Bustling Present As His Characters Struggle For Survival, Michener Weaves Together The Exciting High Points Of Alaska S Story Its Brutal Origins The American Acquisition The Gold Rush The Tremendous Growth And Exploitation Of The Salmon Industry The Arduous Construction Of The Alcan Highway, Undertaken To Defend The Territory During World War II A Spellbinding Portrait Of A Human Community Fighting To Establish Its Place In The World, Alaska Traces A Bold And Majestic Saga Of The Enduring Spirit Of A Land And Its People Praise For Alaska Few Will Escape The Allure Of The Land And People Michener Describes Alaska Takes The Reader On A Journey Through One Of The Bleakest, Richest, Most Foreboding, And Highly Inviting Territories In Our Republic, If Not The World The Characters That Michener Creates Are Bigger Than Life Los Angeles Times Book Review Always The Master Of Exhaustive Historical Research, Michener Tracks The Settling Of Alaska In Vividly Detailed Scenes And Well Developed Characters Boston Herald Michener Is Still, Sentence For Sentence, Writing S Fastest Attention Grabber The New York Times Epic, as a description, is thrown around far too often these days So often, in fact, that the meaning has been diluted down to where it is used only to describe a long story.
Alaska, by James Michener is not just a long story Rather, Alaska is an epic in the original sense a story that is told over the course of epochs, involving generations of characters and genealogies The story begins with the forming of the continent of North America and takes the reader through modern times Along the way, the people who shaped Alaska are introduced and we follow their stories as they form the greater narrative We meet the Russian and Inuit settlers, the captains of the great whalers, the politicians and gold miners who wanted to claim Alaska as their own We meet the average people who, in extraodinary circumstances, become heroes and outlaws We even meet the dogs and salmon who form such an integra James Michener stato un autore statunitense che ha scritto pi di 40 libri, la maggior parte dei quali raccontano le vicissitudini di una determinata area geografica attraverso le vicende delle persone che vi hanno vissuto In Italia i suoi libri sono stati pubblicati da Bompiani dal 2016 parte del gruppo editoriale Giunti ma adesso sono quasi introvabili fa eccezione La baia ripubblicato nel 2016 da Edizioni e o Alaska il secondo libro di Michener che ho letto e ne ho subito il fascino, al punto da inserire il quarantanovesimo stato degli Usa nella lista dei viaggi che vorrei fare preciso che si tratta di una lista quasi infinita dove i paesi freddi occupano un posto preminente Il protagonista indiscusso il territorio con la sua storia geologica e an A novel almost as big as the state I learned so much from this book, so many things I never realized had happened Guess they didn t teach us anything in history class about Alaska I thoroughly enjoyed the use of family through several generations In this day, Michener s use of strong women and getting over cultural groups intermarrying is a huge plus I really liked the South Dakotan that was of Scot English about 10 other nationalities talking about half breeds Get a grip Michener boiled it down to it s all about who you are and what you believe And that is all that matters.
Just arrived from Germany through BM.
Page 141 Thus the great expedition proposed by Vitus Bering staggered to an inconclusive ending No officer had set foot on Alaska proper the scientific excursions had been aborted no useful charting was done and fifteen men had already been lost The adventure which Bering had said could be completed for ten thousand rubles would ultimately consume the two million predicted by the accountants, and all that would have been proved which was not already known was that Alaska existed and Terra da Gama did not.
Page 170 Before Cook, a British warship could leave England with four hundred sailors and expect one hundred and eighty to be dead by the time the voyage was over, and sometimes the toll reached the appealing figure of two hundred and eighty Cook, unwilling to capta This is a novelcorrection, a saga, built from about three novels and four novellas But it s not pure fiction A number of events and characters are historical and a section in the front tells you which are which Both an education and a real pleasure, if you like Alaska and of course everybody does this is probably a must read.
Michener chronicles the history of Alaska the accretion of land to form it arrivals of Athabascans, Eskimos, Aleuts, Russians, and Americans the fur trade the gold rushes the Klondike and Nome the salmon industry and oil on the North Slope Weaving in triumph and tragedy at every significant point of history, Michener really makes it feel like a good novel even though you know you are getting a lot than that.
My reading about Alaska has been almost all non fiction John McPhee, Dana Stabenow s t

James Michener is one of the reasons that I ADORE historical fiction as a genre This is my fifth 5th reading selection by this author and he continues to hold me spellbound As Michener navigates the origins of the land now known as Alaska and moves us to the 20th century, he creates a bold tale of the men and women that have left their marks on what is often considered a brutal frontier If I described Michener s Poland as a military history, Alaska is most certainly a social history Perhaps my most favorite chapters in the book are about the gold rush both the Yukon and Nome and the salmon fishing industry Michener even creates a salmon character as they are most evident of Alaska s struggle for statehood Although this book was written in 1988, it still can be found on many Alaska read lists and serves as a great introduction to any reader that is interested in learning In addition, th Spanning almost 30,000 years, this book is the definition of epic historical fiction Beginning with the migration of mastodon and saber toothed tigers from Siberia to Alaska across the Bering Land Bridge and continuing forward to the signing of the Alaska Statehood Act that made Alaska the 49th state in 1959, the history of the nations largest state is laid out in surprisingly readable fashion I now wish there were equally good books on each of the other U.
S states I ve never read anything by Michener before and was a bit intimidated by how long the book was But thanks to some good reviews I decided to give it a try I m glad I did because the story was really good and it read surprisingly fast Best praise I can give it would be to say that I enjoy

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