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[ Read Online Alex + Ada, Vol. 2 ò autobiography PDF ] by Jonathan Luna ó Tensions Rise Between Humans And Robots In This Sci Fi Drama Set In The Near Future Alex Took A Huge Risk To Unlock Ada And It Seems To Have Paid Off Ada Can Now Think For Herself And Explore Life As A Sentient Android As Alex And Ada Spend Time Together, They Become Closer But As Restrictions Tighten On Androids, Ada Feels Unsure About Her Place In Alex S Life And The World Collects Alex Ada I m so sad that the third volume won t arrive for about 10 days Awwwwwww Alex and Ada awwwwwww I m not the mushiest guy who goes for romance stories often but awwwwwww Seeing Alex and Ada fall in love in this book was so sweet Alright, alright, that s enough Set in the near future, life like androids and service robots have proliferated society They ve made life easier but some droids, after becoming sentient, went nuts and started killing humans Fear has begun to spread amongst the population of these new sentient robots and laws are hurriedly passed making it illegal to unlock them and turn them into freedroids Alex is a young man whose rich granny buys him an android called Ada Uncomfortable with her obviously robotic personality, he decides to give Ada free will, unlocking her so that she awakens its sci fi Pinocchio Now, Alex is introducing Ada Meh If you are looking for a squeaky clean, familiar, reassuring romance story that comes with a cute and perfectly harmless little robot twist, then Alex Ada should be right up your alley If, on the other hand, you are looking for a sci fi story that does than view the rise of artificial intelligence through rose colored glasses, I suggest you look elsewhere.
Bullet Review How was this just as good as volume 1 Again, it s that same formulaic story of boy meets girl, and yet somehow, it s freakin awesome We have stellar characters, this intriguing near future world, and several women Who have names Who talk to each other About things other than men Oh, and there are gay people here who woulda thunk, amirite And it s hinted that some of the robots are trans And several characters are non white.
Those last items are really the frosting on a good, solid chocolate cake base It s SO NICE to read a comic I enjoy and one that shows a diverse cast without either resorting to stereotypes or just making the characters that black friend or the gay one.
5 Stars Not as good as volume 1 but I still enjoyed it Instead of getting to go deeper into the characters and story, we just kind of got to stay on the surface I want The story is entertaining and enjoyable but I m just looking for MORE than the fluff I m getting I think the romance is quite cute though view spoiler Things got steeeeamy and I was digging it hide spoiler LOOOOOOOOVE The story just gets stronger as it continues.
Volume 2 continues on in the same tone as volume 1, so if you enjoyed the 1st one, then this probably won t disappoint When we last saw Ada, she was just recovering from becoming sentient, and it was hinted at that these two crazy kids would have to face some decisions about the future However, this one starts off mildly enough with Ada sort of trying everything out, so to speak Tasting foods, watching water boil, playing video games, deciding on a favorite color, etc.
But after a while Ada gets curious about other things, as well.
Alrighty, so this one jumps in and tackles what the last one just sort of danced around Will They or Won t They And really they re pretty cute about the whole thing At first, you think it s becaus

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