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5 5 stars How does a bastard orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgottenspot in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor, grow up to be a hero and a scholar The ten dollar founding father without a father got a lot further by working a lot harder, by being a lot smarter, by being a self starter, by fourteen, they placed him in charge of a trading charter And ev ry day while slaves were being slaughtered and carted away across the waves, he struggled and kept his guard up Inside, he was longing for something to be a part of, the brother was ready to beg, steal, borrow or barter Then a hurricane came, and devastation reigned, our man saw his future drip, dripping down th Like a lot of people I ve been listening to the Hamilton musical album non stop and read this because it was the source of Lin Manuel Miranda s inspiration to create the brilliant Broadway show The idea that a dense biography of an American Founding Father who was probably best known to the general public as the guy on the the ten dollar bill and the subject of a pretty funny Got Milk commercial would someday lead to the creation of an incredibly popular musical that blends show tunes with hip hop is only a little less likely than the life of Alexander Hamilton himself And if you re interested in reading a great account of the impact the show has on people I highly recommend this article that sportswriter Joe Posnanski wrote about taking his daughter to see it The circumstances of Hamilton s birth on a Caribbean island as the I heal all wounds but those which love hath madeInscription on an envelope to Eliza Hamilton from her husband Alexander.
I have read many political biographies in my 41 years, but few better Chernow is able to walk that narrow, tricky trail between scholarship and narrative storytelling without tripping over hagiography He presents the largeness and improbableness of Alexander Hamilton without leaving out Hamilton s excesses and flights of paranoia and inflexibility I think Chernow gets it right thatIf Washington was the father of the country and Madison the father of the Constitution, then Alexander Hamilton was surely the father of the American governmentHe was a man who was infused with genius and energy, but also often tone deaf to the political realities of his time He was a man who knew government but I ve been wracking my brains literally for months trying to figure out who I can compare Alexander Hamilton to on the modern politocelebrity scene or to whom I can compare him, if you douchey grammar wonks prefer.
There are two reasons that process has taken months 1 I m currently operating with the mental processing power of an old Radio Shack TRS 80 on the plus side, I guess that means I can run awesome software like Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and 2 Alexander Hamilton was one unique son of a Scottish laird.
Put Kanye West, Noam Chomsky, Donald Trump, and Steve Martin into a blender and what do you get Well, probably a pretty disgusting slurry of liquefied body parts Let me rephrase put the personalities, intellects, and quirkiest components not to me Hamilton was not the master builder of the Constitution the laurels surely go to James Madison He was, however, its foremost interpreter, starting with The Federalist and continuing with his Treasury tenure, when he had to expound constitutional doctrines to accomplish his goals He lived, in theory and practice, every syllable of the Constitution For that reason, historian Clinton Rossiter insisted that Hamilton s works and words have beenconsequential than those of any other American in shaping the Constitution under which we liveAlexander Hamilton, Ron ChernowI figured it was now or never to read Ron Chernow s Alexander Hamilton I have tickets to see HAMILTON in October I want to be up to speed when I see it Coming in at 818 pages I thought I d need to al

I have now read the Hamiltome I know that s what people call the book Lin Manuel Miranda wrote about the musical, but seriously, this thing could stop bullets I wouldn t have picked this book up if it weren t for the musical, and it wasn t exactly light reading, but I m glad that I did Before I did, I was kinda sure that Hamilton was the guy who was shot by Aaron Burr, and pretty sure he d never been president, and if I thought for a second I d remember that he was on the 10 bill Now I know so muchLike that he founded the Coast Guard, and the first national bank That he wrote most of Washington s speeches as president, and dispatches during the war I know how influential he was to politics, to industry and banking, and to the law And he did it all by the time he was killed at 49 by Aaron Burr, who, frankly, was an asshole Anybody who writes Alexander Hamilton The musical has brought much publicity to this early founding father I have never seen the musical before, but a few Goodreads friends whose reviews I trust recently read this biography I had been following their discussions in the nonfiction book club, but still wasn t sure I am in the Doris Kearns Goodwin historian camp and had never read Ron Chernow before What finally pushed me to read this book is that a Chicago Cubs player posted that it took him eighteen months but he finally finished I was sold With much being written about Hamilton his is what I took away from this award winning biography Hamilton was the first rags to riches immigrant who embodied the American dream and achieved lofty goals, from being Washington s advisor to the first secretary of the treasury of the United States Hamilton s vision for the f If they break this Union, they will break my heart Alexander Hamilton If anybody had told me a year ago that I would be delving into an 800 page biography on arguably America s least known Founding Father, first Secretary of the Treasury and he of ten dollar bill fame, I would have said they were crazy But like so many people who will read this book in the coming years, it all started with a mad love affair for the Broadway musical It s literally all I ve been able to think about or listen to since April It s consumed my waking hours in the oddest, most unpredictable, joyous of ways Having now read Chernow s impressive, meticulously researched book, I am no longer surprised how it was able to inspire Lin Manuel Miranda the world was wide enough for Hamilton and me BurrThis book is utterly exhaustive in its scope Dry and dull in a few places, exhilarating and taut and heartbreaking in others This feels like a life done justice, although I am also curious about the biography that Eliza started and her son finished after she was gone I loved the framing with Eliza in the prologue and epilogue Loved piecing together where the book and musical met, loved the bits where they diverged Loved stumbling upon the actual historical lines from letters and writings that made it into the musical s brilliant score Shout out to Scott Brick for bringing this book to life for my ears the way few could I am so tired It is so long I want to see Hamilton Eliza The Inspiration For The Hit Broadway Musical Hamilton In The First Full Length Biography Of Alexander Hamilton In Decades, National Book Award Winner Ron Chernow Tells The Riveting Story Of A Man Who Overcame All Odds To Shape, Inspire, And Scandalize The Newborn America According To Historian Joseph Ellis, Alexander Hamilton Is A Robust Full Length Portrait, In My View The Best Ever Written, Of The Most Brilliant, Charismatic And Dangerous Founder Of Them All Few Figures In American History Have Been Hotly Debated Or Grossly Misunderstood Than Alexander Hamilton Chernow S Biography Gives Hamilton His Due And Sets The Record Straight, Deftly Illustrating That The Political And Economic Greatness Of Today S America Is The Result Of Hamilton S Countless Sacrifices To Champion Ideas That Were Often Wildly Disputed During His Time To Repudiate His Legacy, Chernow Writes, Is, In Many Ways, To Repudiate The Modern World Chernow Here Recounts Hamilton S Turbulent Life An Illegitimate, Largely Self Taught Orphan From The Caribbean, He Came Out Of Nowhere To Take America By Storm, Rising To Become George Washington S Aide De Camp In The Continental Army, Coauthoring The Federalist Papers, Founding The Bank Of New York, Leading The Federalist Party, And Becoming The First Treasury Secretary Of The United StatesHistorians Have Long Told The Story Of America S Birth As The Triumph Of Jefferson S Democratic Ideals Over The Aristocratic Intentions Of Hamilton Chernow Presents An Entirely Different Man, Whose Legendary Ambitions Were Motivated Not Merely By Self Interest But By Passionate Patriotism And A Stubborn Will To Build The Foundations Of American Prosperity And Power His Is A Hamilton Far Human Than We Ve Encountered Before From His Shame About His Birth To His Fiery Aspirations, From His Intimate Relationships With Childhood Friends To His Titanic Feuds With Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Monroe, And Burr, And From His Highly Public Affair With Maria Reynolds To His Loving Marriage To His Loyal Wife Eliza And Never Before Has There Been A Vivid Account Of Hamilton S Famous And Mysterious Death In A Duel With Aaron Burr In July Of Chernow S Biography Is Not Just A Portrait Of Hamilton, But The Story Of America S Birth Seen Through Its Most Central Figure At A Critical Time To Look Back To Our Roots, Alexander Hamilton Will Remind Readers Of The Purpose Of Our Institutions And Our Heritage As Americans From The Hardcover Edition

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