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[Richard K. Morgan] Ú Altered Carbon [france PDF] Read Online Ú I hate this book Hate, hate, hate it I hate the characters, I hate the plot, I hate the cover, I hate the way it smells, and I hate the way it knocked over a lamp when I frisbeed it across the room in a fit of literary angst It came to me highly recommended by a number of friends, good friends, caring, kind, and well read friends who share with me a love of speculative fiction We all love Snow Crash and Neuromancer and Babylon 5, and we all hate football and direct sunlight We are all science or engineering majors, and therefore we spent our socially awkward, bespectacled childhoods sitting in the back of French class, surreptitiously reading The Lord of the Rings under our desks while Monsieur Charpentier tried to teach us the subjunctive mood What I m trying to say is that Hearing that Netflix new series is based off this series made me want to read this even Only hope the show is as good as the book is.
In The Twenty Fifth Century, Humankind Has Spread Throughout The Galaxy, Monitored By The Watchful Eye Of The UN While Divisions In Race, Religion, And Class Still Exist, Advances In Technology Have Redefined Life Itself Now, Assuming One Can Afford The Expensive Procedure, A Person S Consciousness Can Be Stored In A Cortical Stack At The Base Of The Brain And Easily Downloaded Into A New Body Or Sleeve Making Death Nothing Than A Minor Blip On A ScreenEx UN Envoy Takeshi Kovacs Has Been Killed Before, But His Last Death Was Particularly Painful Dispatched One Hundred Eighty Light Years From Home, Re Sleeved Into A Body In Bay City Formerly San Francisco, Now With A Rusted, Dilapidated Golden Gate Bridge , Kovacs Is Thrown Into The Dark Heart Of A Shady, Far Reaching Conspiracy That Is Vicious Even By The Standards Of A Society That Treats Existence As Something That Can Be Bought And Sold For Kovacs, The Shell That Blew A Hole In His Chest Was Only The Beginning Confusing books lead to bullet point reviews It s the best way for me to gather my thoughts.
3 to 3.
5 starsI liked the book, but I didn t love it I had been hoping to like it much than I did My wife and I are reading it at the same time with plans to follow it up with the Netflix show After reading, I may not be rushing into watching it.
Positives Very unique and creative While it does have some shades of other dark gritty sci fi I have read or seen, the concepts were fresh and intriguing To expand on the last bullet point, there were scenes throughout the book that were very fascinating The futuristic possibilities, technologies, devices, politics, etc expanded upon by the author are pretty freaking cool.
Negatives Some may say that this is an intelligen Takeshi Kovacs is killed on an another world and re sleeved in Bay City in the body of a disgraced cop His mission find out who killed Laurens Bancroft, a Meth short for Methusaleh billionaire Bancroft and is offering Kovacs his freedom as a reward Only a lot of people don t want anyone to know why Bancroft killed himself Can Kovacs get to the bottom of things before the demons in Bancroft s private life get him I bought this for a buck and it languished on my shelf for a couple years Was it worth a buck Damn right it was Kovacs quest takes him through the seedy underworld of the Bay City sex trade, among other places The supporting cast, namely Ortega, Miriam Bancroft, Kadmin, and Trepp, keep the plot going fairly smoothly The action is fast and furious and the sci fi elemen A fun and fast paced thrill ride, almost impossible for me to put down Picture a hard boiled noir, the solitary, weary worldly detective, blunted emotional skills, stepping on toes as he investigates Merge that plot and character with innovative science fiction digitized personalities that can be downloaded into new bodies with the right reasons or enough cash, and the result is eminently readable Full review posted at Re read 2 27 18 I had to pick this up again and hop on to the second and third books mostly because I was guilted into it by the Netflix production I really enjoyed the show and found myself misremembering some plot points.
It turns out I didn t misremember The tv show was close to 90% faithful The other bits might be reveals pulled forward from the subsequent books which I haven t read I honestly don t know And that s why I m doing the re read So did I enjoy it the second time around Yep, I did I really appreciate the whole concept of post cyberpunk societies running with the technological development and getting established darkly We re all just meat suits No one really dies unless you get your implant destroyed or your backups corrupted, but in the meantime, you can get a new meat suit Or if you have a religious outlook that pre

When i watched the TV show in Netflix i had to read the book, it was like a compulsion, and boy was i rewarded, i haven t felt this greatly about a neo noir cyberpunk since Red Rising Takeshi is a fascinating central character , the plot is tight and witty , full of action,mystery and betrayals, the background is rich, the technologies are awesome I won t be forgetting sleeving , needlecast or dozens of other terms anytime soon.
I haven t DNFed a book in a while but I just can t seem to get into this one.
I don t need to know that the character s penis is getting hard while staring at the boobs of the woman he s interviewing about the death of her husband twice in 3 pages.
I don t need to know he s half ass masturbating back in his hotel room I don t need to know about the boobs of every female characters, especially if you re going to call them elusive globes.
I don t need a cringy sex scene and all of this before page 120 I just don t.
This was sold to me as a great sci fi book with clones but it read like a bad porn written by a 15yo Not for me.
For salt I walked beside the woman I had killed last week and tried to hold up my end of a conversation about cats A solid neo noir cyberpunk detective story that plays out in a fascinating science fiction universe If you re a fan of the genre, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up It s pitch black dark, brutally ultra violent and fun as hell I particularly loved the concept of sleeving and the method by which characters undergo interstellar travel This is a cold, difficult reality in which Kovacs exists, and it feels lived in, with a lot of backstory beneath the surface I m hoping that backstory is explored later in the series, because it s seriously intriguing The pacing feels a little slow around the 80% mark, but that could just be a symptom of how fast paced it is everywhere else There s also a chapter near the end that feels almost

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