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[James Patterson] ☆ Ambush (Michael Bennett Book 11) [informatique PDF] Read Online Ç Behind All The Noise And The Numbers, We Shouldn T Forget That No One Gets This Big Without Amazing Natural Storytelling Talent Which Is What James Patterson Has, In Spades Lee Child New York Times Bestselling Author, Praise For The AuthorJames Patterson Holds The Guinness World Record For The Most New York Times Bestsellers, And His books Have Sold Than Million Copies Worldwide He Has Donated Than One Million books To Students And Soldiers And Funds Over Four Hundred Teacher Education Scholarships At Twenty Four Colleges And Universities He Has Also Donated Millions To Independent bookstores And School Libraries I am not going to add to the description of the story as that has already been done I will say that I have loved the Michael Bennett series since it s inception, so eagerly began this one It didn t sound like a James Patterson writing Michael Bennett I felt something was lacking and it bothered me Then to get to the end of the book and it way only 68% astonished me So I began Manhunt and recognized it as having read it already So now I feel really cheated You did this with Haunted Put three bookshots into one publication I m thinking that James Patterson is trying to create way too many series books he gets authors to write them under his name, it seems like I think I got gypped and am going to ask for my money back I will be very careful when I order the next Mic Ok, I m a huge Patterson fan, buy every book as soon as it hits the market but I gotta say I feel like JP is really pulling the wool over our eyes, The book or shall I say the first story was great, Michael Bennett is great read , but to end the book with the short story Manhunt is ridiculous, this is now the third time I ve spent money on this short story come on JP, I totally feel you are ripping the public off , this is the sole reason for the one star Any future plans to publish Manhunt and trick us into paying for it again Love to hear from you Why oh why do I keep buying your books I was cranky right at the start of the book because I always check where the book ends 68% IT S OVER If you pay 14.
99 for a book, do you want it to end at 68% I keep telling myself STOP buying your books but this was your Michael Bennett character who I ve been following for years I need to stop buying your books because during the whole reading I was angry and feeling cheated I did enjoy the story but not worth the money.
In this book you added a bookshot at the end called Manhunt which was published in Nov 2017 and I purchased at that time Last Sept 2017 I read your book, Haunted and at the end you indicated that story would continue in a bookshot call Manhunt available Nov 2017 I don t

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