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à American History Revised ✓ Download by ✓ Seymour Morris Jr. Poorly written and poorly edited by someone who clearly has no background or education in history This book is full of flaws As many reviewers have pointed out, it is very poorly organized Also, each chapter starts with a rant on some topic that is way philosophical than the intended audience can handle It all comes off very holier than thou Further, there are all kinds of historical inaccuracies, especially in things relating to the Civil War He attributes actions to the wrong commander, called John Bell Hood a cavalry commander and gets dates wrong Additionally, his stories are full of bias, usually in an anti liberal way Finally, he says that much of his purpose is to dispel conspiracy theories, but there is a whole chapter that is full of conspiracy theories To be fair, there are a few good tidbits of information and some things I hadn t heard of before, but overall, the Enjoyed this outlook in history Loved it Fascinating book Not so much the what you ve always thought is wrong type of history book but of a hey, here s something interesting you probably didn t know I found it quite enjoyable with just enough detail on each piece of history to get the feel but not too much to make it dry and boring.
The number of errors in this book exceed the value of the tidbits provided Just a few The US did not finance government by selling land at least not primarily as suggested Jefferson was not part of the Constitutional Convention book states he was NSAM 263 was not an order to withdraw troops from Vietnam book gets it completely wrong The Quasi War was waged by John Adams book claims Adams waged no war New England threatened to withdraw during Jefferson s administration 2d term Frequency hopping was used well before the cellular telephone age book claims otherwise Because there were no income taxes, the federal government was small referring to McKinley s administration Inaccurate in than one way Russia was not at war and the rest of the storyThis should be required reading, especially for college students Concise, but humanly written I could not put it down.

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Holee Cowpies Batman This publication be a whole pasture full of bullcrap I almost don t know where to start Well,yeah I do This guy is a flim flam,making bank off of being all front Much like the ramblings of ICP Insane Clown President this guy raps,but he has no rhyme,no reason,and very few facts Now I have to site examples and sources see how that goes,Mr Morris Jr ,which is not something you can expect to find in this publication yes,I am avoiding calling it a book There is a section called Notes which do seem to be the notes Jr jotted down as the inspirations for the imaginative thoughts he got while reading them,but the cited pages lines from the books he mentions A don t actually state the fact Jr does and B exists for only a handful of the constant carnie like patter he del I think this would make a better history book than most of what I remember I think a curriculum designed around this book, with a standard history textbook as a back up would be a good way to teach history.
For one thing, in this book each event is chosen because it s interesting and would probably get the attention of the high school teens down who s throats we are trying to cram enough information for them to be able to function for another contextualizes each event and makes it pertinent to modern life It powerfully illustrates the point that we keep making the same mistakes, and explores how we make them I have to admit, that I didn t find events like Teapot Dome and the Dustbowl interesting when I was a kid, heck even the Grapes of Wrath didn t appeal But the way that these events are compared to modern ones makes them interesting I ll admit I didn t finish the book As someone who doesn t know much about American history, I did enjoy a lot about the anecdotes For example, I picked up the story on page 3 about Louisiana Purchase French territory was offered first to England My previous knowledge about Louisiana Purchase was just a vague image of the land sold to America I happily absorbed this knowledge, only to find out, as pointed out by a person well acquainted with history, that this fact is not likely because Napoleon on brink of war with the British I double checked it with different sources, and he was right Louisiana Purchase was first just about a small territory for 10 million, which later included a much larger territory for 15 million, but it was always offered to Washington Napoleon retrieved the land from the Spanish, and needed money t Written like a textbook with double columns, American History Revised is intended to be a supplement to the history your high school textbook ignored or glossed over This is a fine goal because almost every history textbook is a dry, tedious tome that bores its readers to sleep before they can learn any history American History Revised approaches this challenge with a scatter gun style of random facts that are very loosely grouped into categories like Forgotten by History , In Pursuit of Riches and Simple Mathematics, My Dear Watson I can only imagine that those who are not already well acquainted with history would find this jumping back and forth style quite confusing But, that is not the reason for my concern I am concerned because there are blatant untruths throughout the text Facts that are not facts Please note that American History Revised Is As Informative As It Is Entertaining And Humorous Filled With Irony, Surprises, And Long Hidden Secrets, The Book Does Than Revise American History, It Reinvents It James Bamford, Bestselling Author Of The Puzzle Palace, Body Of Secrets, And The Shadow Factory This Spirited Reexamination Of American History Delves Into Our Past To Expose Hundreds Ofstartling Facts That Never Made It Into The Textbooks, And Highlights How Little Known Peopleand Events Played Surprisingly Influential Roles In The Great American Story We Tend To Think Of History As Settled, Set In Stone, But American History Revised Reveals A Past That Is Filled With Ironies, Surprises, And Misconceptions Living Abroad For Twelve Years Gave Author Seymour Morris Jr The Opportunity To View His Country As An Outsider And Compelled Him To Examine American History From A Fresh Perspective As Morris Colorfully Illustrates Through The Historical Vignettes That Make Up This Book, Much Of Our Nation S Past Is Quite Different And Far Remarkable Than We Thought We Discover That In The S Ford Was Approached By Two Japanese Companies Begging For A Joint Venture Ford Declined Their Offers, Calling Them Makers Of Tin Cars The Two Companies Were Toyota And Nissan Eleanor Roosevelt And Most Women S Groups Opposed The Equal Rights Amendmentforbidding Gender Discrimination The Two Generals Who Ended The Civil War Weren T Grant And Lee The Bestselling American Book Of All Time Was Written In One Day The Dutch Made A Bad Investment Buying Manhattan For Two Young Girls Aimed Someday To Become First Lady And Succeeded Three Times, A Private Financier Saved The United States From Bankruptcy Organized Into Ten Thematic Chapters, American History Revised Plumbs American History S Numerous Inconsistencies, Twists, And Turns To Make It Come Alive Again

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