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Ç An American Life » Download by ä Ronald Reagan This was a good laugh It was required college reading.
The Great Communicator has done it again An American Life takes the reader from his birth in Tampico, Illinois to the return to California with mission accomplished Ronald Reagan earned the moniker The Great Communicator for his ability to reach an audience An American Life proves that he could do it in ink too His writing is direct, easy to follow and engaging The theme of the book is the optimistic world view of the Reagan we knew There is little introspection Reagan knew what he believed and told it with gusto Many of the stories are ones with which we are familiar This book is the Gipper s exposition of his belief in family values and the individual The readers are drawn into the issues which defined the Reagan Administratio Ronald Reagan Is An American Success Story From Modest Beginnings In A Small Midwestern Town To A Distinguished Career In Films And Television, He Lived The American Dream As Governor Of California And As The Century S Most Popular President, He Embodied And Revitalized The American Spirit Now In This Dramatic And Revealing Memoir, Ronald Reagan Recounts Both His Life And His Beliefs With Uncompromising Candor And His Familiar Wit He Discusses His Decision To Run For President, Historic Meetings With Mikhail Gorbachev And Other Heads Of State, His Frustrations In Dealing With An Often Hostile Congress, His Unshakable Faith In The American People And The Enduring Love For Nancy, Who Will Always Be His First Lady In A Moving Passage, President Reagan Also Speaks Frankly About The Assassination Attempt On His Life And Its Effects On Him And His Family An American Life Is A Richly Detailed, Definitive Account Of A Great And Historic Presidency And Of A Unique American Life From The Man Who Restored America S Confidence And Strength And Shaped The Future Of The World Big 752 page book Reagan s autobiography written after two terms as California Governor, and two as US President plus sports caster and actor I never understood people writing autobiographies in mid life One reason I read this is that I ve always felt bad about dissing Ron and Nancy in an essay I wrote while living in Africa some insipid little comment about Nancy consulting a horoscope So part of my reason was to approach this President s book as a mea culpa exercise I m glad I did I find that I typically regret making what appeared to be sharp, witty ascerbic comments about leaders at a given time, only to regret them later, while any time I ve been able to express mercy, understanding, tolerance, and openness, I ve not regretted those stances even if disappointed later.
Reagan is a great storyteller so this book is easy to read I was a little annoyed in the first part of the book by how he just dismissed various Democratic leaders as just another tax and spend liberal I find these kinds of labels from both parties to be unhelpful and would have appreciated his unique insight into people s personalities The discussion of foreign leaders, particularly the different Soviet leaders, and the thinking and strategy as it related to the growing terrorist threat and nuclear disarmament was very interesting.
Mr Reagan, then, is a somewhat different political leader from the bumbling idiot of liberal myth in private a kind and gentle man, in politics a charming Machiavellian, economical in his use of power, manipulative in his use of people, and modest when it comes to sharing out the credit In short, a master politician.
The problem of this book is that memoirs are a form of taking the credit and Mr Reagan simply can t do it A lifetime of not fully showing his hand has bred in him a style of amiable discretion that he simply can t shake His talented ghostwriter, Mr Robert Lindsey, captures his tone of voice perfectly But the effect is a kind of literary muzak in which the harsh edges of the last decade s political battles are softened in recollectionJohn O Sullivan s book review reflects my thoughts exactly I think reading Steven F Hayward s two part Age of Reagan se A strong 3 stars with points off due to the length of the book and some repetition Overall a good primer on historic events which I was too young to follow as they were happening The direct excerpts from letters and notes does help extend the credibility Reagan Smash Meh Not my kind of politician.

This book almost brings a tear to my eye In his own words, one of Americas greatest presidents describes how his love for his country and his fellow man led him to run for the California Governorship and later the Presidency.
If you are a patriot, a conservative, or just all around sensible, this book will sadden you To see how quickly the progress made by the Reagan administration has been trampled over and discarded is painful The America Ronald Reagan once helped shape is quickly being replaced by the tumorous growth of a beaurocracy that can not possibly sustain itself lest the American people continue to vote their freedom away squandering any chance that their grandchildren will live free.
Kinda makes you want to run outside and punch a hippie.
I had barely turned two years of age when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as the fortieth President of the United States He will always be my standard for what a president should look and sound like, because he was the first one I had Still, I am a moderate liberal and have many criticisms of Mr Reagan s domestic policies Here are the pros, cons and final assessment of this fascinating memoirs.
The ProsMr Reagan earned his moniker, The Great Communicator He is a natural storyteller, and there were many passages I read where I could practically hear him reading to me The pace is quick and, unlike Bill Clinton s My Life, Reagan wisely refrains from name checking everyone whose hand he ever shook on the campaign trail An American Life is organized thematically rather than chronologically, meaning it s fairly simple to follow any one subj

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