Trailer ↠´ Andi's Journal: New Places ... Strange Faces (Andi's Journal) PDF by ↠´ Jennifer Bancroft

Trailer ↠´ Andi's Journal: New Places ... Strange Faces (Andi's Journal) PDF by ↠´ Jennifer Bancroft I really didn t Like this book.
This books is about a girl who moves to a new town with her dad because her mom passed away She goes to church and meet s these kids One is a snotty brat the other is a nice girl They go on a picnic and the snotty girl gets hurt trying to show off and the girl that just moved there saves her ages 8up Maybe 7 and up dont leave people out include them even if thier new becuase if that was you you would want a friendteaches little ones about freindship cool book fun and enteraining and deals with real lives things Years After The Loss Of Her Mother, Andi S Life Is Turned Upside Down Again When Her Father Decides To Move Them Out Of The Big City And Into A Small Community While Unpacking, She Discovers Her Mother S Old Journal From When She Was Andi S Age Grateful For Her Mother S Words, The Journal Becomes A Source Of Comfort And WisdomIn New Places Strange Faces, Summer Is Coming To A Close And Andi S Worry And Excitement About Starting Her First Year In A New School Begins Her New Friend, Ellie Jacoby, Introduces Andi To Daphne Delaney, A Rich And Popular Girl In The Town Andi And Daphne Hit It Off Immediately And Spend The End Of The Summer Together Along The Way, Andi Tries To Include Ellie In The Twosome S Fun, But Is Discouraged By Daphne At Every Turn Andi Feels Stuck In The Middle Between Two New And Very Different Friends Will Andi Be Forced To Choose One Over The Other Each Andi S Journal Book Will Include Additional Journal Pages In The Back For The Reader To Add Their Own Thoughts And Adventures

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