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[Wendell Berry] ☆ Another Turn of the Crank: Essays [japanese-literature PDF] Read Online Ú Every time I read another Wendell Berry book, I fall further in love with his way of thinking This book was published 15 years ago, and it just seems so relevant today And unlike so many pundits who are happy to just grouse about everything that s wrong with America, Berry takes the time to separate the good and the bad of a situation and actually SUGGEST HOW IT COULD BE FIXED.
Knowing that there s at least one person out there who has this much good sense gives me hope It makes me want to make myself better It makes me want to try to marry his ideas to mine, to find other people who share those ideas, and start making things work again.
Yep, that s some pretty serious gushing But that s how I felt as I read this.
I already have a natural inclination towards building community and I ve always been highly idealistic, but shoooooo Wendell Berry always turns up the intensity in my heart towards the ideal life I want to be Wendell Berry when I grow up.
This Popular Collection Features Six Essays On Sustainability And Stewardship From One Of America S Most Important Cultural Critics Provocative, Intimate, And Thoughtful, Another Turn Of The Crank Reaches To The Heart Of Wendell Berry S Concern For Our Nation, Its Communities, And Their Future It s been a while since I ve read any of Wendell Berry s essays, and while I once again deeply enjoyed his discussions of the land, agriculture and community and his self described luddite attitude that sometimes verges on grandfatherly grumpiness I became increasingly aware of the limitations of his perspective For all he praises the fertility and abundance of the land in North America, and the community and land ethic if its indigenous peoples, and condemns the consequences of industrialism he never makes the connection between settler colonialism and many of those very same consequences While he can praise the land management techniques of the Menominee, that praise only goes so far as to be taken as direction as how whi An insightful collection of essays that got me thinking about aspects of agriculture, food, and local community that I ve never considered before Berry presents his arguments in such a thoughtful, soulful, and rational manner that his writing never feels tedious or pedantic He is a pleasure to engage with even when he argues points I vehemently disagree with and there are a few All in all, a great read filled with plenty of nuggets to meditate on and mull over It definitely made an impact on the way I look at farming and food consumption I have never wanted to join a local food co op and or become an avid frequenter of farmer marketsin my life.
A short but cutting collection of essays.
Like many of Wendell Berry s collections of essays, Another Turn of the Crank is about how to live on planet Earth This book consists of five essays, all of which focus on agriculture and the community Modern farming is much different from traditional farming Here is how Modern farming puts its emphasis on efficiency while traditional farming sees farming as an art.
The mass deployment of farming machinery has ousted people from the farm It is as if farmers are specialists who are easily replaceable by other specialist But the reality is worse than that farmers go into the labor force and live on low wages What should we make of that For the rural community, continuous losses of member would ultimately devastate the community both physically and culturally The community would gradually diminish until it is completely eradicated The farmers who temporarily survived, but the fate is fo I had read and heard ABOUT Berry so when I saw this in the library, I decided to give it a try.
I m torn between a 3 and a 4, but decided to go higher, mostly because of the content The writing did not seem particularly inspiring to me although there are plenty of good sturdy quotable sentences and occasionally Berry s words do become poetic His heart is, mostly, in the right place.
The theme of interconnectedness particularly resonates Berry emphasizes that we are only part of the larger world of plants and animals, earth air fire water, stars and galaxies that we are transient caretakers both for the past and the future When we consider only the monetary cost and not the human and ecological onewell, we all see the disfunctional result.

A difficult book for me It starts amazingly, with powerful, well considered ideas that I agree with strongly It progresses to powerful, well considered ideas I disagree with but still respect because of the mix of experience, emotion, and intellect that Berry employs to make his point.
The further the collection progresses, theit descends into bully pulpitism, as when Berry uses an essay about responsible forestry to rail against abortion, or a speech about community health to denounce the entire medical profession I hate to think I m becoming one of those people who can t read anything written by Christian writers, but ultimately, I couldn t connect to writing the paints the world as fallen and argues that the real reason we should care for the environment is to form a relationship with God.
I started reading Berry s poetry Years after I began reading his fiction In 2012, I started on his essays I m a fan all the way around There s a certain amount of sentimentality he includes in each genre that never felt gratuitous, especially grounded in the soil of the good soil of robust language and story Reading this book of essays, I found myself for the first time feeling like the Farmer s prophetic voice for our country signaled too little too late Granted, this book of essays compiled in the mid 1990 s may have been right on time and I m the one late to the conversation Still, the social, agricultural and economic changes Berry recommends in many of these essays feel past due My son, Alex, and I read most of this book out loud together mostly because I felt like he

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