Trailer ✓ Apocalypse (Blood Eclipse, #4) PDF by È A.J. Llewellyn

Trailer ✓ Apocalypse (Blood Eclipse, #4) PDF by È A.J. Llewellyn I m never sure which way to go with stories that surprise me But this one is an emotional roller coaster, and that I love, even though I often felt bewildered by what was happening around me as I read it I laughed a little, cried a little, cursed a bit Great read.
Fantastic ending All the little bits wrapped up Loved this series so much happens its a roller coaster of a ride 3.
5 Stars Love this series

This book was pretty damn depressing The MCs have to go through a LOT of sh t before they get their happy ending it seems I can t say much without creating spoilers, but I was biting my nails waiting for the outcome of this one Another good book in this series and finally a happy ending.
Book 84 complete This final volume held me spellbound from the first page, just like the previous three AJ and DJ have spun a tale of tremendous imagination with these four volumes, and while there are parts of it that I personally found a little too violent or too bloody, on the whole I loved the series.
The first two thirds of Apocalypse describe the final unexpected stage of the vampire human war as Carden meets his destiny, leaving Rory behind for the last part of the fight The last third of the book can only be described as pure torture as I hung on, hoping for a happy ending I m not going to give anything away by saying that AJ and DJ had me biting my nails up until almost the last page.
Bravo Carden, Roy, Thiago And Dennis Have Survived The Carnage Of The Vampire Human War Carden Is Destined To Battle His Uncle For The Title Of King Of The Vampires, Whilst Struggling With His Own Urge To Drink Human Blood He Must Make Desperate Choices But The War Is Not Over And An Unexpected New Enemy Emerges From The FireRory Fights For His Life And His Soul Mate With A New World Order Emerging From Blood And Ashes, He S Convinced He And Carden Can Be Together Thiago And Dennis Have Their Problems Too Dennis Is Dying From His Injuries Sustained In His Abduction Will Any Of Them Survive The Apocalypse, And Emerge From It, Together

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