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[ Pdf Argentinian in the Outback (The Langdon Dynasty #2) à booze PDF ] by Margaret Way ✓ we have the obligatory super rich, uber handsome, intelligent station own hero, the beautiful, accomplished, intelligent, modest heroine, and the big misunderstanding unlike this author s earlier books, this heroine is married to a cad, of course and in the process of getting a divorce, and she and the hero rather reluctantly fall in lust and love i really like this author, even though i can always predict how things are going to end part of her appeal is the scenery in australia that she describes so vividly.
whoaless than 10 pages in and I just couldn t Here s how it went Unnecessary minute details Pointless imagery FORESHADOWING Literary term 90% of the readers won t know the meaning of Then the gem that made me quit Luke was no match for her brother Why then had she married him Ummmm what why would her brother even enter her brain when choosing a husband that sounds like some twisted shit The writing was over the top and overly stiff DNF

Miniseries The Langdon DynastyCategory Classic Romance Dark Eyed Argentinian Rancher Juan Varo De Montalvo Unsettles The Usually Composed Ava When He Arrives At Her Family S Cattle Station Varo Can See Wariness In Ava S Eyes And Something In Him Cries Out To Protect Her Soon Varo S Learning That He Has The Power To Make Ava Whole Once If Only She Ll Let Him In

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