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è At Any Cost ✓ Download by æ Mike Jones I loved this family s story of struggle and faith and pursuing God s plan for their life So encouraging.
I won this book on GoodReads While I applaud the Jones family faith and determination to bring the 8 siblings into their home with this book I feltlike I was preached to and brought along their struggle with their faiththan I was being told the story of getting these 8 children into their home I think if the religious aspects of the story was toned down a bit and the details of what they and the children went through to bring them to a loving home was expanded on it would improve the books rating.
When Mike And Hayley Set Out To Adopt A Child From Sierra Leone, Africa, Never In Their Wildest Imaginations Did They Dream This Venture Would Lead To The Jones Dozen This Dramatically Moving Story Will Amaze And Inspire Any Reader Their Stunning Observation It Was The Least We Could Do When I was offered the opportunity to review At Any Cost Overcoming Every Obstacle to Bring Our Children Home, I was excited to read it Out of my circle of friends, I have only known of a couple to adoptthan one child at once A friend adopted two brothers from Africa, and other friends adopted two unrelated children in one trip from Asia.
But the Jones family had much loftier goals they wanted to adopt a sibling group of eight from Sierra Leone Before the Ebola outbreak, this country wasn t on most people s radars.
I think it might be easy to pick up this book and point fingers Why EIGHT children Was it really needed for Hayley to be overseas that much How can they afford it But I have also learned that you shouldn t judge anyone This family did what they felt was best for all their children their biological ones and the eight they adopted from Africa They received their fa You are given a clear understanding of the purpose of this book right in the beginning chapter I think the Jones family did a great job setting expectations when they said, This book is not just our family s story, nor is it a how to book about adoption This is a book about redemption It s also about listening to what God has called you to do It was a treasure to read about their journey.
This book tells of the desire of one couple to adopt 8 siblings in Sierra Leone The government blocked adoptions for some time, and it took about 3 years for them to finally take their new family home Hayley spent a lot of that 3 years at the orphanage getting to know these kids Mike looked after their two natural children while she was away Then he would fly over for a time It was a joyous time when Haley actually got the papers to adopt these children It is a great read.
You will shed tears of joy at how God answers prayers in His timing as Mike and Hayley Jones work to adopt eight children from Sierra Leone I recommend At Any Cost to anyone who has questioned if God will supply their need.
Very good Inspired me

Inspiring read For those that like books like this, its a good read.
I enjoyed it, and it was heartfelt The Great EightMy youngest son s best friend is an adopted orphan from Africa Their first play date was barely impacted by the language barrier, and they have been friends for so many years that they can just barely remember life without each other For this reason, Mike and Hayley Jones story about their adoption of eight yes, eight siblings from Sierra Leone was especially interesting to me, for in it, they share their journey of choosing to adopt and then bringing those children home At Any Cost DSCN0436I still remember the admiration I felt for my friends when they adopted my son s buddy and his sister after their father had passed away and their mother could no longer care for them A third world child does not have to lose both parents to be considered an orphan, and this was also th

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