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æ At the Spaniard's Pleasure Ü Download by » Jacqueline Baird kisah cinta yg seksi dan menggelora Skimmed most of the book because it was really boring and uninteresting Lots of telling and not showing and lots of background story info dump and internal musings with little plot movement or character interaction Pity, could have been a really good book if it had been better written Three stars because the ending was okay and the characters had potential I love childhood friend stories and there was nothing that truly insulted my sensibilities as a lot of HPs tend to do, but really not one of JB s most inspired or well wirtten novels.
At the Spaniard s Pleasure by Jacqueline Baird Diamond smuggling When Nick Menendez discovered that beautiful Liza Summers was working for the prime suspect in a diamond robbery case, the Spanish security tycoon took matters into his own hands and Liza into his custody He decided the simplest way to uncover the truth and protect her was to take her to his bed and keep her there until he knew her full involvement.

WTAF Seriously This book was walking the border of rapey a few too many times for my peace of mind To be fair, it never crossed that line and pulled back from it really quickly But really dude you re going to avoid view spoiler banging the jailbait by making out with her and then calling her a slut hide spoiler duh kok tumben sih yg ini kurang ok nih.
seharusnya mereka berdua bisa bersama sejak masih kecil dulu namun keadaan selalu tidak tepat.
WARNING The review below contains some classified info, so beware Liza inadvertently becomes a suspect in a diamond heist case cuz she has no idea that his boss is a crook Nick owns a security company is assisting his BFF in the case He s hot on the trail persuades his pal that he s da best man to subject the prime suspect s P.
A to a 3rd degree inquisition H H have known each other since she s 8 y o he s 10 yrs older Their moms are BFFs Typical of hero worship cases in HPlandia, heroine has had a huge crush on hero since she was a teen This will be their 1st meeting in 6 yrs Let s go down memory lane We re supposed to believe that she s been fascinated w him since their 1st meeting He s the most beautiful man she s ever seen So beautiful that she tripped over skinned her knee He started to notice Liza s attractiveness the older s Ketika Melacak Jejak Para Pencuri Berlian Nick Menendez Menemukan Nama Liza Summers, Teman Masa Kecilnya, Ada Di Antara Nama Para Pencuri Itu Dengan Maksud Ingin Mengetahui Sejauh Mana Keterlibatan Gadis Itu, Sekaligus Mengumpulkan Keterangan Tentang Para Pencuri Berlian, Nick Terbang Ke LanzaroteLiza Sungguh Tak Menyangka Akan Bertemu Lagi Dengan Nick Setelah Perpisahan Mereka Yang Menyakitkan Bertahun Tahun Lalu Pria Itu Semakin Memesona Dan Cinta Yang Pernah Ia Rasakan Dulu Kembali Muncul Dalam Hatinya Walaupun Demikian, Ia Memutuskan Untuk Menerima Tawaran Nick Berkunjung Ke Spanyol Dan Menikmati Ketertarikan Yang Sangat Kuat Di Antara Mereka Namun Secara Tak Sengaja Ia Mengetahui Ketertarikan Itu Hanya Kedok Nick Untuk Dapat Mengawasi Tindak Tanduknya

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