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[ Read Online Atari Inc. Business is Fun (Complete History of Atari - Volume 1) ½ young-adult-historical-fiction PDF ] by Marty Goldberg ½ This book was such a disappointment It was very hard to follow Some parts of the book move at a very slow pace, going into minute detail Later on, significant events are skipped over and changes not mentioned are referenced in past tense Many grammatical errors Randomly placed periods, poor capitalization, and misspellings Unfortunately, this was too common and occurred on almost every page Finally, the amount of cliches and changes in tone made this very difficult to read.
Damn near unreadable but has a lot of interesting for a game geek facts.

Mandatory read for Atari fansInteresting documentation of an essential company in the video game and early home computing industry There are some typos and other mistakes additional proofreading should take care of, but despite this, it s a great read for an Atari fan Very interesting read for any entrepreneur As an aspiring entrepreneur, this book was a great look at a small group of visionaries who grew a company from a tiny seed into s huge tree read this if you like stories of people who changed the world as we know it.
Digital COLOR Edition Photos And Documents That Are In Color Are Presented In Color In This Digital EditionAtari Inc Business Is Fun, The Book That Goes Behind The Company That Was Synonymous With The Popularization Of Video GamesNearlyYears In The Making, Atari Inc Business Is Fun Is Comprised Of Thousands Of Researched Documents, Hundreds Of Interviews, And Access To Materials Never Before Available An AmazingPages, Including NearlyPages Of Rare, Never Before Seen Photos, Memos And Court Documents, This Book Details Atari S Genesis From An Idea Between An Engineer And A Visionary InTo A NearlyBillion Dollar Juggernaut, And Ending With AMillion Death Spiral By June OfSeveral Key And Important Fully Detailed Side Stories Are Included, Such As The Creation Of Rick Rats Big Cheese Restaurants Which Later Became Chuck E Cheese S The Amazing Story Of Atari S Very Own Xerox PARC Research Facility Up In The Foothills Of The Sierra Mountains The Full Recounting Of Steve Jobs First Job Working At Atari, With Comments From The People He Worked With On Projects And The Detailed Story Of The Creation Of Atari Breakout, Including Input By Steve Wozniak On His Development Of The Prototype, And How It Couldn T Be Used And Another Atari Engineer Would Have To Make The Final Production Breakout Arcade Game Instead The Dramatic Dealings And Double Dealings Between Atari Inc And Amiga Corp For Months Prior To Jack Tramiel Coming Into The PictureIf You Ve Ever Wanted To Learn About The Truth Behind The Creation Of This Iconic Company Directly Told By The People Who Made FUN For A Living, Then This Is The Book For You

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