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[ Read Online Autograph Penis î bisexual PDF ] by H.O. Tanager ✓ Funny, Vehement, Self Deprecating And Gorgeous A Beguiling Play By Play Of A Vibrant Literary Happening Kirkus ReviewsPerformance Artist H O Tanager Holds High Hopes For Her Cross Country Trip To Boston To See Great Art, To Eat Delicious Food And To Incite Mayhem But Once The Journey Actually Begins, It S All She Can Do To Hold On For The RideSurrounded By Brilliant, Intimidating, And Sometimes Delicious Smelling Colleagues, Tanager S Precarious Hold On Her Ambition And Desire Threatens To Unravel In The Face Of Laryngitis, An Angry God, And The Unexpected Death Of A Friend Will Her Team S Independent Spirit And Wit Buoy Tanager Though The Pitfalls, Heartache And Yes, Mayhem As Hundreds Of Artists Strive To Be The Best That Ever Was, The Best That S Ever Been

I knew nothing about the world of the slam poet before reading this book In fact I didn t know that poetry slams were still a thing until I read this For some reason, slam poetry is something I associate with the early 90s and coffee shops But no, it still exists and it s a fascinating world Or rather, the participants themselves are fascinating I saw myself in these traveling wordsmiths, putting their feelings into verse for nothing than the love of doing it And perhaps the glory of placing in competition It s a world I am glad I explored through this book.
Tanager is not only witty as hell, but largely insightful and intellectual, making my experience reading this book a pleasant one from start to finish Her commentary on the art of slam poetry and the experience of being a performance poet is poignant, often hilarious, and wholly engaging The most valuable aspect to this novel, to me, is that it inspires me to want to get off of Netflix for a few hours and buckle down and write some kickass poems

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