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Download Epub Format  BENAAMI PDF by à Anish Sarkar Was okaynothing to say BENAAMI Is A Thriller Spanning Two ErasSynopsis In The Mid Nineteenth Century, A Secret Society Known Only As The Benaami, Is Set Up To Fight The British East India Company, Which Has Colonised The Country The BENAAMI Spreads Its Presence Across India And In , Incites The Native Sepoys Of The British Army To Mutiny Arjun Chatterjee, A Software Engineer, Has Strange Recurring Dreams Together With Sheila Guha, The Beautiful Professor Of History Researching The Benaami, He Sets Out To Unravel The Clues To His Past In The Process, They Get Embroiled In A Deadly Conspiracy Hatched By A Megalomaniac With His Own Connection To The BENAAMI As The Parallel Plots, Separated By A Century And A Half But With Stunning Similarities, Hurtle To Their Climax, Arjun And Sheila Race Against Time And Destiny But Will They Be Able To Prevent Disaster ok.
nothing special

I can barely put into words how disappointed I was in this book.
Let s get this straight I love mysteries, especially when interwoven with actual historic events And when you toss in bollywood elements, I was sure i d be a huge fan of this book Sadly I didn t anticipate how weakly constructed the twist in this book was I recognized the nature of the mystery at its first appearance and was actually confused as to how the seemingly intelligent and well informed characters didn t recognize it And with the history part of it, it was really written for Bollywood, leaning on incredibly unlikely chance encounters and coincidences to drive the story, that actually limped along slowly without adding to the tension of the story If a movie was made of this, I would probably watch it But I m just a sucker for punishment.
A blisteringly fast paced thriller with two parallel stories separated by 150 years A bit of history thrown in with the sepoy mutiny of 1857 with a whiff of re incarnation and the scientifically implausible but still it is unputdownable Well researched.

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