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[Kevin Power] ½ Bad Day in Blackrock [m-m-sports-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ On A Late August Night A Young Man Is Kicked To Death Outside A Dublin Nightclub And Celebration Turns To Devastation The Reverberations Of That Event, Its Genesis And Aftermath, Is The Subject Of This Extraordinary Story, Stripping Away The Veneer Of A Generation Of Celtic Cubs, Whose Social And Sexual S Are Chronicled And Dissected In This Tract For Our Times The Victim, Conor Harris, His Killers Three Of Them Are Charged With Manslaughter And The Trial Judge Share Common Childhoods And Schooling In The Privileged Echelons Of South Dublin Suburbia The Intertwining Of These Lives Leaves Their Afflicted Families In Moral Free Fall As Public Exposure Merges With Private Anguish And Imploded Futures This is the worst thing that ever happened to us This is the only story I will ever be able to tell With these words, Power s story caught me The reader is whisked along by an unreliable narrator who refuses to identify himself until the very end, who repeatedly tells us that he has no answers and wasn t even present for many of the events, indicating that much of the story is second or third hand information The facts are laid out in a meandering path that slowly adds up to an uncertain future based on an uncertain past We all retell, over and over, our own worst story to anyone who will listen We replay all the variations leading up to those events, examining motivations and nuances in a search for meaning Reading someone I didn t enjoy this at all Kevin Power saw a story on the telly, so he said If I turn this into a book and change the names, while adding loads of he might have , maybe he , we don t know blah blah blah tabloid type nonsense, I can haz monies.
If he wrote this as a true story, there could have been the potential for a decent book, but he didn t He has added so much nonsense, it reads like 250 page article in the Daily Star.
L ho comperato per affetto ho abitato a Stillorgan vicino a Blackrock per mesi ma ho scoperto un bel romanzo Il libro inizia con l uccisione di un ragazzo all uscita di una discoteca, da subito sappiamo chi sono gli aggressori 3 suoi amici compagni di scuola , conosciamo la dinamica 3 calci mortali e la motivazione gelosia fidanzata di uno ex fidanzata dell altro Il libro si snoda capitolo dopo capitolo nel tentativo di capire perch si sia arrivata a questo tragico avvenimento, analizzando le cause sociali ed economiche le poche righe sul boom economico e sui suoi effetti sono notevoli per profondit e per capacit di centrare perfettamente causa effetto , personali, emotive, famigliari, di contesto, etc Ogni elemento viene sviscerato, One wordHorrid This is the book that became the movie What Richard Saw A great insight into southside Dublin and its private school culture Essential reading for any northsider or culchie A powerful book, based on a true life incident Didn t realise until the end it was actually told by a brother of one of the accused It makes you wonder about who think what s important.
P b h v knize, inspirovan skute nou ud lost , vypr v o smrti jednoho ze student z presti n koly v Dublinu Byl zavra d n t emi kopy do hlavy T emi kopy veden mi t emi jin mi studenty z t e koly V ichni z bohat ch rodin, v ichni v t chv li opit.
Kniha je uk zkou ivota dublinsk ml de e z lep spole nosti , kter m na starosti akor t chlast n , p ch n a kupov n luxusn ch v c P i jedn z mnoha pijatik se v ci zvrtnou a jeden ze student je ukop n k smrti.
Jak vypr v n postupuje, dozv d me se mnoho podrobnost z minulosti nejen ob ti, ale i to n k Vyprav se sna naj t d vod, pro k vra d vlastn do lo a co se toho ve era v echno stalo Zda se k n jak mu z v ru opravdu dostane, je sp e na ten ov posouzen.
Cel text je protk n jistou beznad j a tou to i kon ivot tedy ne v ech z astn n ch jde d l v zab hnut ch kolej ch a lid se chovaj , jako by se vlastn nic nestalo.
Autor za Loved this book Bleak but insightful look at the lives of the children of the Irish middle class Based on a real event, this got embroiled in a bit of controversy but don t get distracted by trying to match the fictional events to the real life ones this book is too important for that This is also the author s first book and while it has a little of that first book clunkiness you sometimes find with young writers, it s a real achievement Reminds me a little of the work of Jay McInerney and Bret Easton Ellis but the Dublin 4 setting brings the nihilism and narcissism right home Never mind the journalistic comment on the wrongs of the Celtic Tiger, Kevin Power nails that sense of entitlement which allows people to think that the law somehow doesn t apply to them.
It took me a while to get into this book, mainly due to my dislike of the characters However, once I made my piece with my distaste, I started to get really interested in these people s lives.
Really liked the reveal of whom the narrator was It made perfect sense, and added to my overall opinion of the book.

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