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✓ Batman: Dark Victory õ Download by ¾ Jeph Loeb As dark and well written as this story is, I still couldn t get into it too much Several of Batman s enemies are featured, but mostly as a side note The real focus is on the puzzle behind the Hangman murders which their author hides pretty well until, somehow, it s brought into the light in the very last chapter Quite unceremoniously if you ask me This story, even though it also covers Grayson joining Batman as Robin, didn t thrill me as much as I expected It felt bland and old, but perhaps that was the goal.
Janice Porter is the new district attorney after Harvey Dent went mad and became Two Face The Falcone crime family assault Arkham Asylum and free many of the inmates in their goal to get at Harvey Batman recaptures some of the inmates, but H New 52 Batman and Re birth batman fans take note HERE IS HOW BATMAN SHOULD BE DONE All Clear Good.
Dark Victory is the superb sequel to the excellent The Long Halloween Brilliantly written by Jeph Loeb and artfully drawn by Tim Sale these two books were used, along with Frank Miller s DKR, to set the tone for Christopher Nolan s movies.
Dark Victory takes up with Harvey Dent becoming Two Face There is a gang war going on in Gotham This is during Batman s earlier years You can see, as the story progresses, the normal criminal element of Gotham being phased out by the freaks There is so much to love here for any Batman fan The best part is we see Batman as the Detective he is something that sometimes gets left behind in recent tellings.
This is a murder mystery The cast of villains is large and, I have to admit, didn t realize who the true kill So, okay then This is the sequel to The Long Halloween which I was not the biggest fan of to begin with Still, on the enjoyment scale, this one was better That was until I got to the last two issues Ironically enough, whileThe Long Halloween had a rough start but a nonetheless merciful albeit incomplete resolution,Dark Victory managed to get a stronger and concise beginning but a frustrating and pointless ending I don t understand this travesty The Knightfall series is honestly better written Well, Loeb s stories should be fundamentally incomparable to Knightfall since the latter after all was written by multiple writers across different Bat titles The sole reason I compare them is becauase I was also quite lukewarm towards Knightfall FINAL RATING 4.
5 STARS Dark Victory lived up to my expectations I loved The Long Halloween, but I actually liked this a bit While I think this is an amazing follow up from The Long Halloween, some of my questions from the first one still remained unanswered, while some were finally put to a close The conflict The deceit The twists The turns The action I loved all of them.
Full review to follow.
Let s face it, a majority of Batman readers hate Robin Why No clue I always thought he was a nice contrast to Batman s loner characteristics A lot of people mention that Robin doesn t fit a Batman story, and that s because Robin is nothing like Batman because Batman has always fought alone Well, I would love to agree with those people, but I would be a liar if I did.
First of all, about Robin, this graphic novel does explain Robin s origin Dick Grayson the first Robin loses his parents in an accident similar to Bruce Wayne s parents, and Bruce decides to take him in because he feels sorry for him However, Dick wants justice, and in time Batman reveals himself as Bruce Wayne to the young Dick Grayson Bruce trains Dick, blah blah blahYou get the dynamic duo I just wanted to point out that Batman and Robin may not have

What a Batman book Maybe its the mood I m in today but I loved it all The story was outstanding The art I, surprisingly, loved Just great I ve read Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale s Batman books in the order they ve written them with Haunted Knight coming first followed by The Long Hallowe en and finally coming to Dark Victory I suppose Loeb ought to be congratulated for bringing the Batman stories back to their original format, that is detective crime stories, where he brings the mob and Batman side by side as natural enemies Here s the story a killer is killing people by hanging them on holidays Hallowe en, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc and leaving notes on their bodies with the hangman game on Early on Arkham is attacked and the Batman s best loved villains escape Joker, Two Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Riddler and as the bodies pile up the pressure is on for Batman to stop this killer but he ll need help Enter Robin This ain t exactly gripping stuff If you re l Dark Victory is the sequel to Batman The Long Halloween The Long Halloween tells the tragic story of Harvey Dent aka Two Face and his fall from grace Dark Victory follows this up by continuing the stories of Harvey, the Falcone crime family, and the Bat himself in the aftermath of Harvey s imprisonment.
The book follows the exact same format as its predecessor, and somewhat surprisingly uses the exact same theme to tie the episodes together Each issue takes place on a different holiday, and each holiday a victim is murdered by an anonymous serial killer Batman Gordon struggle to crack the case, which has no lack of suspects since Arkham Asylum has suffered a major security breach and most of Batman s famous foes are on the loose I thought The Long Halloween was a real classic, and its sequel does a number of things well Dark Vi Rating countless god damn Batman stars I have so much love for this glorious volume and its prequel, Batman The Long Halloween Harvey Grundy Myself Each of us lost pieces of our livesand hid what was left in the dark, is this what I want for myself A world that exists only in darknessBatman Dark Victory continues the story of The Long Halloween, it concludes view spoiler Harvey Dent s transformation into Two Face, it also concludes Bruce Wayne s ill fated relationship with Selina Kyle, then it introduces Dick Grayson as the first Robin hide spoiler The Sequel To The Critically Acclaimed BATMAN THE LONG HALLOWEEN, DARK VICTORY Continues The Story Of An Early Time In Batman S Life When James Gordon, Harvey Dent, And The Vigilante Himself Were All Just Beginning Their Roles As Gotham S ProtectorsOnce A Town Controlled By Organized Crime, Gotham City Suddenly Finds Itself Being Run By Lawless Freaks, Such As Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze, And The Joker Witnessing His City S Dark Evolution, The Dark Knight Completes His Transformation Into The City S Greatest Defender He Faces Multiple Threats, Including The Apparent Return Of A Serial Killer Called Holiday Batman S Previous Investigation Of Holiday S Killings Revealed That Than One Person Was Responsible For The Murders So The Question Remains Who Is Committing Holiday S Crimes This Time And How Many Will Die Before Batman Learns The Truth This Volume Collects Batman Dark Victory

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