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[ Read Online Beautiful Skin ↠´ angels PDF ] by Shara Azod ✓ Johari Clayborn Has Given Everything She Has To Building Her Own Cosmetics Company, Sparkling Gem But It Isn T Enough The Company S Going Under, And Johari Sees No Way Out Of Her Current Predicament Than To Sell The Company To Sch Ne Haut, The Beauty Juggernaut Owned By The Vollmer Family Rald Vollmer Wants Nothing Than To Be Rid Of His Wife, Helga On Paper, She Looks Like The Perfect Foil For His Up And Coming Business Persona, But In Reality She S Nothing Short Of Psychotic Sparkling Gem, And The Woman Who Created It, Presents Him With The Perfect Chance To Break Free Of His Family S Influence It S Just A Business Arrangement, He Tells Himself, Carefully Calculated To Give Him What He Wants But The Better He Gets To Know Johari, The Less He S Able To Stay Emotionally Aloof, And What Began As A Calculated Plan Rapidly Turns Into Something Much, Much Personal I must admit it, I got so excited when I discovered that fairly recent Shara Azod book I was so elated in fact that I did not fully read the synopsis and that was my downfall lolI do not and cannot tolerate adultery in any way shape or form in my romance books That itself marred the story from the beginning and left a very bitter taste in my mouth as I was reading.
Johari the self made owner of a natural cosmetic brand Unfortunately, being hard on her luck she has to resort to selling her company in order to resolve her financial woes Enters Rald Volmer of Sch ne Haut who is willing to save her business and allows her have full control of Sparkling Gem But is he as altruistic as he seems Behind the affable surface lies a calculating man whose only intent is to seduce Johari in order to force his equally cold an calculating but also racist wife to file for a divorce.
Herein li Don t mess with a momma bear s cub Aine Vollmer, Rald s mother was not to be triffled with Even Barrett Vollmer, her husband, knew when to keep his mouth closed Even Rald s crazy soulless psychopathic beotch of a wife found out she bit offthan she could handle.
The plan to use Johari Clayborn was selfish on Rald Vollmer s part He did not consider her feelings in the matter and he definitely did not consider that he would fall head over heels in love with her and she with him He also did not figure that his mother would have his back and solve his problem better than he ever could.
I just loved this well plotted out tale by Shara Azod It was full of drama, suspense and mystery that kept me turning page after page I could not put my Kindle down until I finished this b Good quick readI like this book,it was a nice way to spend a Sunday evening Johari Rald where to different people from different worlds who ended up finding love with one another It was a very unique story indeed Rald needed an out to get away from his sociopathic wife w o having to give her half of his family company,he put a plan in place to buy a struggling company owned by Johari and seduce her His plan to use her to get away from his crazy wife goes up in smoke when he falls in love with her Add in his racist father,his very smart protective mother,her best friend her ex husband to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster for these two.
Not bad,it had all the elements,hot alpha male,strong female presence,super hot sex,and OMG THIS BOOK WAS SOOO GOOOD I LOVED IT I found the book on her website cheaper than onIf you want a good book pick this book up and read it This is the first book by this author that I have read, but I will read someby hers in the future.
PleaseSoooo I m trying to figure out why all the five stars Rald was way too alpha male for my tastes He came off as a arrogant bastard to me I wanted to say dude Your a billionaire, you mean to to tell me that you don t have the resources to figure out how to get rid of your wife If he knew she was batshht cray cray.
why not just expose her pass to the press That probably would have been enough to push her over the edge But no.
he basically ruined Johari s business because he needed her for his nefarious intentions And I m sorry but where was the chemistry Every time they had sex it seemed as if Rald was using it as a manipulative toolalways in the heat of the moment he makes her promise him somethingthat just ruined the scene for me And every time they had an argument it was resolved with sex.
when she wanted to go to the gynecologist to get her shotwhat does he dobecause I downloaded a sample of this before deciding to purchase, believing the writing was solid The writing for the most part was good There was some copy editing issues, but besides that there weren t too many grammatical mistakes I guess for 300 odd pages I expectedThere was way too much telling and not enough showing There wasn t enough dialogue between Rald and Johari to make me believe they were madly in love with one another Madly in lust Yes Love No Their scenes just really boiled down to adulterous sex Can t you tell I m swooning Things kicked off with their initial meeting where Rald had plans to buy Johari s cosmetics company as a way to diversify his family s business Johari saw the buy out for what it was taking something that was created for women of color, watering down the formula so that it becomes I have read many books by this author which I have enjoyed I have had this one on my kindle for a while and I have only just now got around to reading it.
This is Johari and Rald s story Rald is married in name only and he wants to be free of his loveless marriage He sees an opportunity involving Johari in his personal life but does not realises the consequences that this action will have on everyone s lives I enjoyed the story, it had a few twists and turns and kept me fully engaged.
A good read LOVED ITIn one glance, this book was like another cliche interracial romance book But when you dived deep, you ll know that this deserved 5 stars, at least from me.
Loved how it engaged me from the very first page.
Great storyI brought this book a few years ago and every so often I take it out of my library to read again The characters are very dimensional as real humans are This story touches on perceived notions people have about beauty and race The story was delightful thought provoking and the minor characters really made this a great read However i was hoping for a follow up story about the best friend and the lawyer and private investigator

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