Á Bernard M. Baruch: The Adventures of a Wall Street Legend (Trailblazers, Rediscovering the Pioneers of Business) È Download by ô James Grant

Á Bernard M. Baruch: The Adventures of a Wall Street Legend (Trailblazers, Rediscovering the Pioneers of Business) È Download by ô James Grant This Biography Of Bernard Baruch Considered To Be Renowned As The Definitive Story About The Notorious Financial Wizard And Presidential Advisor Baruch S Political Policies Are Discussed Briefly, And James Grant Includes A Detailed Account Of Baruch S Trading And Investment Gains And Losses Baruch Obtained His Millions By Risking His Fortune Again And Again In The History Of Our Stock Market And Government, There Are Few Who Have Obtained His Mythical Status As A Successful Investor Of All Times A well written book about an interesting person The author has a challenging task trying to capture the personality of a dynamic figure, both on Wall Street and in public service However, Baruch was not a fluid letter writer or speech maker, so his essence has to be pieced together from other sources His influence was his financial insights, that he might have acted upon, but did not document, and his friendships with powerful figures.
The author s a noted economist and journalist stated focus of the book is Baruch s Wall Street activities He does a good job discussing the culture of Wall Street at that time, as well as how markets functioned and evolved However, the archives were apparently sparse when it came to individual trades, so it doesn t give a gre Interesting What a wild ride in the stock market From good to bad to good etc Great info on the 1929 crash.
Since I was invited to give a lecture at Bernard Baruch College, I decided to read a book about the man it was named after This work gives a general overview of his life, overtly concentrating on the public aspect of his actions as speculator and as government official and influential supporter of the Democratic party The author steers clear of Baruch s well known philandering and his poor relations with his wife and children on the rather lame grounds that a lot of it is hearsay.
BB made a fortune on NY stock exchange in the early 1900s The author goes into some detail, but is rather sketchy overall For some reason he goes into huge detail about a particular deal involving copper mining, and I found it rather less than pellucid The author goes into detail the closer This is about the financial times of a truly great American than about his personal life and history Enjoyed the read about a little know but extremely influential American Very little detail on his political and public life I would have enjoyed reading in depth about this man This book could have easily turned in a 1000 page book.
This is a recommendable and very good bio Although there are other bios of Baruch, none of which I happen to have read, James Grant is an excellent writer who also possesses considerable financial acumen Barron s fixture and author of the long running Grant s Interest Rate Observer One niggling if not trivial point there are numerous puzzling spelling errors, which seems to indicate a lack of careful editing.
Kind of a dry, boring book BMB seems to have made most of his money from insider trading in the stock market, than anything else I did enjoy the political history lesson though.
This was an interesting book about a man that I not heard of before in regards to finance and his role in America s history It was lengthy, and at times tailored for the fan of Baruch In the end, I would recommend it to others to see how finance, politics, society and world events all are interwoven in our lives.

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