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↠´ Beulah Land ↠´ Download by æ Nancy Stewart There is something about a tough, smart girl in fiction or film that just melts me Perhaps it s because I always felt scrappy inside, but was never that brave Perhaps it s because every young lesbian girl like me grows up knowing she will have to fight just to keep herself intact this feeling is acute and transforming, whether or not that fight ever comes One feels oneself always endangered For that matter, most normal girls do, too Whatever it is, Violette Sinclair feels like my better self Violette is the voice of BEULAH LAND, and it s her story She s too smart and too gay to be growing up in the small Ozarks enclave she is a place where the ruling clan of nasty, dog fighting, gun toting jerks is related to the sheriff and there s little hope of a girl like her surviving Beulah Land might be a young adult novel, but like the best of those, it makes Never have I read such a book, on a subject so far from my own experience of Life as Beulah Land.
While I couldn t relate to the protagonist s upbringing and life approach, I realted wholeheartedly with her fire, her need to do good and to leave a positive imprint on the world.
I particularly appreciated Nancy Stewart s ability to make her reader experience the surroundings with all of their senses I could smell the woods, feel the heat of the Summer, hear the rustle of a breeze into the leaves as if I was standing by Violette s side.
Which I wish I did, if only to provide comfort and support through the whole story.
And that s the strength of this novel no matter how far I was from knowing what it was to be in Vi s world, I was immersed and absorbed in it, 100%.
I honestly cannot wait to see where Nancy Stewart will take me next

I received a copy of this book from the publisher on Netgalley All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Sometimes I think you only need to hint at a queer main character for me to pick up a book, because this is a prime example The plot of Beulah Land is not one that I would normally be interested in The main character Vi lives in a small town in the Ozarks, one where your family controls what happens to you, the law doesn t really matter, and there s basically no future but getting married and having kids Vi wantsthan that she wants to be a vet, andthan that, she wants to be free to be who she is Vi faces a lot of persecution for the fact that she s a lesbian, and everyone in town knows it, especially Dale Woodbine When Dale starts threateni Hey Guys Beulah Land by Nancy Stewart is so out of my regular genre, which is why I am so pleased today to recommend it Nancy Stewart is an incredible writer Her insight into the human spirit is relatable to anyone, no matter how far from the Ozarks you may be.
Beulah Land follows Violette and Junior, best friends tasked with saving the Sinclairs from a violent clan rivalry When Dale Woodbine starts stalking Violette to her work as a vet, his words turn from insults to threats Meanwhile, murmurs around town start attributing Dale with the death of Violette s father.
Vi comes up with a plan to catch Dale in an illicit dog fighting ring and send him off to prison forever To win her and Junior will have to gather information from the Sinclair clan leader who hates Violette for being gay This is an extremely hard review to write I wanted to put the book down many times but I decided to continue reading to see what happened to Vi This is a story of queer pain There is no other way around it Despite the authors attempt at making this book a literary learning experience, the narrative fell short and left me wondering why exactly someone would write this I understand the need for authentic books about quiltbag people overcoming hard situations as a lesbian myself I was desperate to see that in Beulah Land I did not I found a book about a young lesbian who is constantly mistreated, abused, extorted and even asphyxiated because she is gay This girl is physically accosted because she s gay people What the hell Not only does the book center Vi s homophobic abuse but the reader is encouraged to see her as noble for I like a good ol story about good ol country folks as much as the next good ol boy, but law, this was a little bananas Violette is like a spunky, queer Nancy Drew, trying to unravel a family mystery, keep her kin from being killed dead, and stop a random dogfight that becomes part of the plot out of nowhere Heaven s sake, I couldn t put it down But at the same time I felt like too many things conveniently happened and the story itself was clunky I do give the author points for spinning a yarn in my neck of the woods, even if I ain t sure it felt true, directly.
Beulah Land is a can t put down novel from the very first chapter Honest and haunting, the novel features Violette Sinclair, a 17 year old born and raised in the Missouri Ozarks Vi is a headstrong young woman who loves animals and revels in the beauty of the mountains, even as she despairs of the undercurrent of cruelty and injustice that runs through the town from some of its most powerful residents When violence turns toward her and her family, she is forced to unearth painful secrets that place her and those she loves in constant danger Complicating Vi s attempts to search for the truth is the discomfort that those around her feel as they wrestle with their traditional beliefs about sexuality Vi refuses to apologize 3.
5 starsViolette wants nothingthan to graduate high school and become a vet, but being gay in the Ozarks might just be the death of her When a local redneck threatens her life and that of her mother and sister, Vi takes matters into her own hands to figure out what is going on Between death threats, homophobia and dog fights, Vi has a lot to handle.
I was certain this would be a DNF right up until the 25% mark It launches right into the story, with little context or explanations of what is going on, why people dislike Vi, why this rando dude is threatening to kill her, and the conversations between characters are stilted, unnatural and filled with non sequitors Plus there are a number of things that I m hoping were cleaned up in final edits.
The last three quarters of the book pick up quickly, leading Vi onto a mystery to solve why the random dude wants her dead and how he and Seventeen Year Old Vi Sinclair S Roots Run Deep In The Missouri Ozarks, Where, In Some Areas, It Can Still Be Plenty Dangerous To Be A Girl Who Likes Girls Her Greatest Wish Is To Become A Veterinarian Like Her Boss, Claire Campbell Fitting In At School Wouldn T Be So Bad, Either Only One Obstacle Stands In The Way She May Not Live Long Enough To See Her Wishes FulfilledWith Help From Her Only Friend, Junior, Vi Unravels A Mystery That Puts Her In Conflict With A Vicious Tormentor, A Dog Fight Syndicate, And Her Own Mother Vi S Experience Galvanizes Her Strength And Veracity As She Overcomes The Paradox Of Mountain Life, In Which, Even Today, Customs And S Seem Timeless, And Where A Person Can Wake Up Dead Simply Because Of Being Who She Is Beulah Land, the debut Young Adult novel by Florida author Nancy Stewart, promises the reader a thrilling story and delivers The heroine of Beulah Land is Violette Sinclair, soon to be a high school senior Violette works for the local veterinarian, Claire Campbell Violette is hard working, motivated to succeed, smart, and gay In the course of this fast paced story, Violette s life is endangered by the actions of a bully who threatens not only Vi, but Vi s mother and sister Jess Dale Woodbine s hatred goes beyond his hatred of those who dare to be different Violette discovers the secrets behind his attacks and seeks to find a way to remove him from her life without starting a blood feud between the Woodbines and Sinclairs It s a tricky business and getting killed where no body would ever be found is a distinct possibility.
Extremely authentic in her portra

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