Ñ Black Sand and Gold è Download by ☆ Ella Lung Martinsen

Ñ Black Sand and Gold è Download by ☆ Ella Lung Martinsen Trade Paperback Western American History Ella Lung Martinsen , Knew The Klondike Gold Rush Country Personally She Was The First White Child Born At Dominion Creek, Near Dawson, In Yukon Territory, And Had Vivid Memories Of Pioneer Living In The Family S Little Log Cabin

Quite a personalized and informative tale describing the greed and adventure and hardships and folly that describes the Alaska Klondike gold rush.
I found myself looking at maps, and google earth as the story unfolds I thought life was hard enough in the late 1800s down in the lower 48, but add an arctic winter, naivety, and recklessness, this becomes a cautionary tale.
The author is in love with the exclamation point, but regardless, this reader sensed a true story and refreshingly told without politically correct language and viewpoints we have 100 years later.
Loved this personal glimpse of what it was like to travel to the Klondike gold fields

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