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[Sarah Holland] ò Bluebeards Bride [hot-air-balloons PDF] Ebook Epub Download ã This is somewhat in between Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and the fairytale Bluebeard And the ending was like An Affair to Remember.
She Loved Him Than Life ItselfMark Blackthorne Knew The Moment He First Saw Elizabeth, A Struggling Young Singer From London, That He Had To Have Her And He Pursued Her With A Persistence Bordering On ObsessionTheirs Was A Whirlwind Romance Before She Knew It, Elizabeth S Capacity To Love Him Had Become Limitless And Frightening Especially When She Realized How Vulnerable She D Allowed Herself To BecomeShe Loved Mark Beyond All Reason Yet, Although He D Asked Her To Become His Wife, He D Never Actually Told Her Why He Wanted Her So Much The h falls in love and marries a man, only to find that he is obsessed with his late wife, who looks just like the h There s nothing he says later that makes me think he still isn t obsessed with his late wife all of the things that he like about the h are about how she helps him feel better when he s emotionally upset and he likes that she listens to him and can share his day He s dependent on her, but that s not love The poor, poor h.

Creepy very creepy H is a widower and only dates women that resemble his deceased wife He marries h without telling her he had been married before and that she was a carbon copy of his former wife She is a bit slow on the uptake and wonders why so many people react strongly to her appearance Also there is a wing in the house that she is forbidden to see When she does finally sneak down there she finds a room with a portrait of the the former wife and a wedding photo At the then end the H concedes that he deliberately sought her out because she looked like the dead woman but that he genuinely loves her I think the H s obsession showed him to be mentally unbalanced.
Very similar to Rebecca but not as exciting.

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