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ê Bone Cold Ù Download by È Debra Webb Debra Webb leaves you hanging by the seat of your pants again in her book Bone Cold You start out with kidnappings of 2 5 yr olds 5 years prior to the start of the story Now there are kidnappings happening and when all is said and done at the end of the book you can never have foreseen the finale I have to see I have not been disappointed in any of Debs books She just keeps me wanting.
It has been 5 years since Detective Sarah Cuddahy s daughter vanished into thin air, and she still blames herself for not being able to find her In the aftermath, she lost a whole lot her husband, Special Agent Tom Cuddahy, who she ruthlessly pushed away.
Sarah is now back on the job, but still taking meds for panic attacks which crop up almost on a daily basis She has to pull herself together because the job is all she has and there have been 6 child abductions in the last few weeks There are no clues, no ransom notes, and no bodies.
When the FBI steps in, wouldn t you just know it s her almost ex who is slated to work her case Working together and trying to keep things on a non personal level, they discover there are some connections among all these children.
They all come from rich families, they were all born in the same hospital, and they all have a sibling that was k If You Lost A Child, How Far Would You Go To Get That Child Back Detective Sarah Cuddahy Lost Her Daughter Five Years Ago Work Is All She Has Left And Right Now She Has Six Missing Children On Her Case Board She S Hoping For A Miracle She Desperately Needs A Break In This Case Having Her Estranged Husband, FBI Agent Tom Cuddahy, Show Up And Take The Case In A Whole New Direction Isn T The Miracle She D Expected She Isn T Sure Her Heart Can Bear The Agony Of Being Near Him Much Less Working With Him Each Time She Looks Into His Eyes All She Can See Is The Truth They Lost Their Little Girl Because Sarah Made A MistakeSpecial Agent Tom Cuddahy Was Certain He D Seen The Worst Of The Worst Until He Found Himself Drawn Into The Kind Of Case That True Nightmares Are Made Of Unless He Can Find The Children, They Will All Die Can He Convince The Woman He Still Loves With All His Heart To Trust Him Again Sarah Is Determined Not To Make A Mistake This Timethis Time She Will Find Those Missing Children Even If It Means Sacrificing Her Own Sanity And Exposing Herself To The One Man Who Holds The Power To Shatter Her Already Broken Heart Bone Cold by Debra Webb is a story that gives you chills and is the nightmare every parent worries about your child being taken Lieutenant Sarah Cuddahy is on the Task Force looking into the children who have been disappearing They believe Sarah is the best person to help since five years ago Sarah s daughter Sophie went missing Sarah s life hasn t been the same The hurt and depression are still there She tries to control the panic attacks that have plagued her and not let anyone see her when she is experiencing one Sarah has never given up hope that Sophie will be found one day Carla Parson s son Josh went missing a week apart from Sophie and she has never given up hope either Sarah s husband, Tom, who is with the FBI, grieved as well, but accepted the loss of Sophie to be able to This book just keeps getting intense It is a stand alone but follows Debra Webb s Bone Deep It s not necessary that you read Bone Deep first buy you are going to want to go back and read it after you finish this one, I promises you that This book will grab you fast Missing children and the detective on the case has lost a child in the same way five years before She is still fighting those demons when she is dropped right in the middle of the investigation With the assistance of her estranged husband an FBI agent who knows then he is saying they work together to bring these children home INTENSE In Bone Cold, Webb crafts a story featuring a minor character from Bone Deep, FBI Agent Tom Cuddahy Horrified by what he witnessed in Paradise, and trying to move forward from the abduction of his daughter five years ago, Cuddahy throws himself into the search for the last missing brother In the meantime, his estranged wife Sarah, a Detective, is working a child abduction case The two seemingly unrelated cases are on a collision course bringing Tom and Sarah back together When Tom and Sarah begin working together they are far successful than each on their own Together they are able to solve the mystery and bring the mastermind to justice.
Webb brings her masterful use of suspense to this new novel Taking on issues as sensitive as child abduction and cloning, Webb t Tom and Sarah Cuddahys child was taken five years ago She has never been found Sarah blames herself and it has torn their marriage apart Sarah has dedicated herself to work as a police detective Her husband Tom is an FBI agent When children start disappearing Sarah is put on the case and Tom shows up with information he is only willing to partially share about what might be happening to the children This book grabbed me right from the beginning and held my interest until the very end I enjoyed this book with all the twist and turn it had It is scary when one thinks something like this could be going on Then one would have to ask if it would be a good thing or a bad thing to be able to clone those we love to get them back if we loose them when they are young and will they really be exactly like the first person That is what I walked away from this book thinking about Anyway, enough of my deep thoughts this book provoked This was another excellent book by Webb.

John Kurtze Review of Bone Cold by Debra Webb Bone Cold by Debra Webb has a story line that grabs readers and takes them on a trip through the lives of families whose children have been abducted The key protagonist Lt Sarah Cuddahy is the lead investigator and she hasn t a clue as to the children s whereabouts Sarah knows what questions to ask They are the same questions she answered during the investigation of the abduction of her own daughter Debra Webb introduces her readers to the horrors parents experience as they deal with the abduction of their children The pace of the plot increases with the turn of each page Webb shows us and helps us understand what motivates Lt Sarah Cuddahy as she proceeds in her search for the mis Bone Cold will definitely chill you to the bone Webb has outdone herself with this dark and chilling nightmarish tale Be forewarned that there s somewhat of a science fiction feel to it which only added to the sinister plot A parent s worst nightmare comes true when children start disappearing without a trace Working as a member of the Task Force investigating the cases, DC Police Lt Sarah Cuddahy is all too familiar with exactly what these parents are experiencing because her daughter was taken five years ago and never found.
Sarah s soon to be ex husband shares the painful experience of losing his only child and the destructive aftermath to his marriage FBI Agent Tom Cuddahy sees similar patterns in the current missing children s cases with an old case he worked on And as th

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