↠´ Bordertown: Where Magic Meets Rock & Roll ☆ Download by Ú Terri Windling

↠´ Bordertown: Where Magic Meets Rock & Roll ☆ Download by Ú Terri Windling I picked up my first Borderland book as a pre teen, scouring the shelves of the library in my grandparents town on the Oregon coast I don t remember which one it was probably Borderland that cover looks familiar and I loved it The world of Bordertown, halfway between the World and Faerie, where spellboxes power motorcycles and elves run in gangs down the abandoned streets of Soho, utterly captivated me It was everything that I thought I wanted to grow up to be Staying up until dawn, loud music and cold drinks, sweat glistening under neon lights, art and late night conversations, all the parts of adulthood that captured me with their glamour And in the end, it s not like that, or least it s mostly not like that Bills and responsibilities that aren t to your friends aren t exciting But a man can dream.
That s just the surface aesthetic, though Review to come On The Border Between The World And Elfland Sits Bordertown, A Place Of Half Lit Neighborhoods Of Hidden Magic, Of Flamboyant Artists And Pagan Motorcycle Gangs Bordertown Is A Hothouse Laboratory For The Return Of Magic To The Life Of The World And The Return Of Life To Magic It S An Attitude And A State Of Mind It S Where Magic Meets Rock RollTE All The Bellamy Bach Stories In The Borderland Series Were Written By The Editor Borderland Founder, Terri Windling You knew, knew, that if you could just run away to one of those places, you d become someone else, someone wonderful, and wonderful things would happen to you.
A group of fantasy writers created the shared universe in which elves and humans met, and thus Bordertown was born The city right off of the literal border of Fairy, it s home to misfits, outcasts, weirdos and poseurs of all types The writing itself is uneven and often subpar, but the idea is one close to my heart, so I love this series anyway.
Danceland Emma Bull and Will Shetterly is a pretty fun urban fantasy murder mystery story The other three stories are skippable of course I read them anyway , I found the writing pretty childish describing outfits, gratuitous edgy curse words, wish fulfillment and the content not really original enough for me to look past the writing Danceland works though because it has a lot of odd and cool characters and sweeps you into flashy seedy 80s club world.
My very favorite shared universe, about a city on the blurred edge of earth and faerie, and the people who find their way there One of many anthologies and stand alone novels.
Bordertown, an anthology of short stories edited by Terri Windling, has the distinction of being both a sparkling example of a shared world concept and was a hugely influential excursion into the genre that would become urban fantasy Written in the 1980s, this collection of short fiction marries high fantasy constructs elves, magic, etc with punk rock sensibilities The conceit is as follows a long, long time ago magic was part of our world For reasons no one now remembers, the Elflands departed and took magic with them The two worlds existed in parallel until, with no explanation, the Elflands returned A city Bordertown sits on the weird boundary between our world and the world of faery, existing in a liminal stretch where neither huma

For some reason I was thinking about this book recently, and felt the need to get some comments out there.
Four stories, one setting Bordertown, the mixing pot between our world and faerie, where elves, humans and halfbloods have created a world of their own.
I was so in love with the story Mockery when I first read it, both in love and disapointed because it does some beautiful things but also feels like the authors didn t want to spend too much time rethinking and perfecting this little gem A small issue that has always bothered me the protagonist, Hale Hale is his last name, as is evidenced by the fact that when he carves his initials H is last, but when he hears his mother s voice in his head scolding him she calls him Hale Huh The characters are all interesting and romantic and complex and tortured in their own This book had a seriously formative impact on me 3

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