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Download Epub Format ò Bounce PDF by ç Keith McFarland I d like to compare Bounce to most fairy tales Both are unrealistic and vague And both are short and end happily, ever after After the story , the author summarizes the few points made throughout the book into what I took to be the only somewhat thought provoking aspects of the entire book If anything, read the last 30 pages.
Great story and principles Great takeaways Key point build a team and work the team It s not all on your shoulders or you ll fail.
Why Do Many People And Companies Crumble In The Face Of Difficulty, While Others Use Adversity To Bounce Back Even Stronger Here From New York Times Bestselling Author Keith McFarland Is A Leadership Fable For Those Wary Of Fables, A Story That Rejects Pat, Heard It Before Advice And Shows In A Startlingly Fresh Way How To Use Challenges To Make Both Yourself And Your Organization StrongerMike Maloney, Division Manager For Boston Area Tech Firm CRX, Returns From A Business Trip Late One Night Feeling Demoralized His Unit Is About To Lose Its Biggest Customer And Its Most Valuable Employee Mike Wonders How Much Longer He And His Staff Can Keep Up Their Relentless Work Schedule And Meet Upper Management S New Request For Cost Cuts Something Has To Give Hoping To Blow Off Steam, He Heads To A Gym, Where He Runs Into Joe, A Former Army RangerAfter Listening To Mike Vent About The Cards He S Been Dealt, The Ex Soldier Says, Sounds Like Your Company Is Ready To Bounce Mike Looks Confused, So Joe Begins Tutoring Him In Lessons From The Battlefield It Is Precisely When All Seems Lost, Says Joe, That The Opportunity Exists To Rethink A Situation And Make Real Progress Over The Next Two Weeks, Joe Turns Mike S View Of Himself And His Company Upside Down Despite His Ivy League MBA And Extensive Experience Running Companies, Mike Has A Lot To Learn From This Young Grunt Just Back From Afghanistan For Example, He Learns That Under Pressure, People Experience Two Kinds Of Anxiety One That Hurts Performance And One That Helps It Mike Uses The Insight To Get His Troops Running Toward The Sound Of Gunfire, And In The Process, Learns That Bounce Can Happen Outside The Workplace, Too With Joe S Help, He Finds His Own Personal BounceDrawing Inspiration From Such Sources As The Work Of MIT Social Scientist Ed Schein, The Film Saving Private Ryan, And His Own Experiences As A CEO Leading Companies, McFarland Cleverly Weaves A Story Whose Practical Insights Can Be Put To Use Immediately With An Invaluable Wrap Up Section At The Book S End That Analyzes Each Of The Key Ideas And Shows How They Can Be Applied In Work And Personal Life, Bounce May Be The Most Indispensable Guide To Facing Challenges Ever Written I liked the narrative structure of this story However, this wasn t the best fit for my needs It has some good ideas about leadership and how to be the leader your team needs when they are failing.
About 85% of this book is a waste Most of the book uses the deficient fable style that works great with ambitious five year old s but proves to be too slow for anyone with a mind Skip to the end, which is where the author addresses his points In my opinion, writing a book on the topics is overkill a magazine article would have been adequate.
Inspiring could not have summed it up better than Dave Kinnear 1 Embrace the Bounce Life is adaptation, which is the repeated disintegration and reintegration in the face of change.
2 Manage the anxiety Excellent leaders know how to absorb anxiety from a fear of the discontinuous change happening and convert it to anxiety over what will happen if people and the organization doesn t change and adapt.
3 Manage the mental factor Change leaders know how to manage their own mental processes in times of stress and how to help their teammates do the same.
4 Manage the money Why Because a company can have a great mission, terrific morale and enlightened leadership and still hit a rough patch that runs them out of money.
5 Manage the mission Organizations, like people, are inspired, lead happier, healthier and longer lives when they h This book was recommended to me by a school superintendent, as a strategy for success for a shrinking school district It definitely puts a positive, optimistic spin on setbacks It also gives achievable goals, and strategies Unfortunately, everything always worked out and was instantly and dramatically successful It would have beeninformative and helpful if everything hadn t gone so perfectly.

I m not sure how I would have taken the ultimately optimistic tone of this book at the height of the recession in 2009, but reading it in better times was worthwhile The author makes an excellent case for the need for companies and people to be resilient and forward thinking I found the conversations natural, intelligent and refreshingly free of corporate speak I enjoyed the book, and felt it has a great deal of wisdom.
If you are going through a tough time as a business this is a great book to help you get think through it I really enjoyed the story I don t have my own business, but it is applicable in my current situation as well.

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